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Chord Mixing with example from New Order

I've found that once you record notes, they won't change even if you change the patch or the key afterwards. You can leverage this to record/overdub octave bass or borrow a seventh chord for example. I created a loop of New Order's Perfect kiss using this idea. Sharing..


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I can only imagine. As long as you enjoy it, I enjoy the result.

Maybe The Model, Showroom Dummies, Airwaves or Antenna have more luck ;-)

That's very kind of you. I'm not in a hurry. To make the choice even more challenging:

- Hey There Little Insect by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

- Black Light by Material

- (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea by Elvis Costello

- Country Boy by Tyra B

- Take Five by Dave Brubeck


Take Five is a great challenge but we haven't figured out how to change the time signature yet. :)

I'm pretty lazy. And that's why I tell myself that it's good not to know some things. Things that sometimes take away the magic of something beautiful. Example: Since I know what modulation is, I often experience it as a trick.

Nevertheless, I googled "time signature". That went well :-). I already knew Take Five has a less common rhythm - 5/4-,  just like Golden Brown by The Stranglers.

Then Path Of The Blazing Sarong by Bill Ravi Harris & The Prophets must be extra challenging. That sounds like an extra weird rhythm. And - maybe because of that - the tune never bores me. I may be wrong but it reminds me a bit of Black Light by Material. 

Bravo! :-)

@BJG145. Is that you playing Take 5 on that crazy instrument!?! Amazing!!!! You are quite the musician!

Thank you very much!

"Its also fun to play on the Lead voice using just pads 1 with 7-8-6." It is magic to my ears! :-)


This is gorgeous. Thank you very much! :-)

I don't want to sound too eager, but I'm looking forward to your Editor!

@ Subskybox 

That is beautiful. May I make a request? Louise by The Human League ...

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