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MIDI over bluetooth for Windows?

Hey Artiphon,

The ORBA manual (2020) says that Windows does not support MIDI over Bluetooth. This article from 2016 indicates that it does.

Is this supported in ORBA 2? I love the new custom samples features I'm seeing in ORBA 2, but I would primarily want to use it as a wireless quantized MIDI controller for my Windows devices.

I use a CME WIDI Bud Pro with Orba 1; works well.

It's not the best option, but there are some apps which facilitate BTLE on windows. I know there is one specific to Reaper if that's your dAW of choice. I think that it's actually MS which has made this difficult, but doable.

I do not have Orba yet to test, but probably you can try to use MIDI Berry free app from MS store to connect midi ble device like orba to you software.

Works my my diy ble controller, might work for orba.

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