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Paid but still no Shipping notification?

 and now my ticket is being ignored...

Are the Orba 2's real?  Why can't I even get a status update? :(

Search results for "So there is now a warehouse in the States (somewhere) that has Orba 2's ready for shipping....and.... this week maybe?".... and nothing is found!

Hey folks... I just received my shipping notification yesterday.  Should have it by the end of the week.

I just received my Shipping Notification this morning.   It's coming from Hong Kong so I'm guessing sometime next week or so.

I have been getting updates since last week that it was in Ca.  This morning I got one saying it had made its way to Hebron Ky. (about 2 hrs from where I live) , They are going through shipping partners and coupled with the holiday weekend it just seems to be take some time.  I'm  a child of the 80s and  everything took 4 to 6 weeks with no notice or update before reaching my door step, plus I still have my orba 1 to play with while I wait.  

I got my notice of "order made" yesterday Oct.5th  along with a shipping number. At least I know I'm now just weeks away!

Three times  my orba2 ordered in June had been postponed on Thomann due to not being in stock, and it is not still in stock now in September.   Artiphon are not able fulfill their commitments, do not communicate at all.

We all can understand that it is a hard time and shortages are everywhere, but it does not mean that we do not deserve honest information on the estimations. 

Artiphon should start communicating, unless they want to get reputation of being scam.

Just got usps text. On truck out for delivery. So glad I have the next 4days off. 


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Jason - any immediate review? :) I got a shipping notice this morning!

Sounds are a vast improvement. Got up to 2 minute loop.  Navigating app now. Using it on iPad. Quantize is awesome. Not sure why I couldn’t have it on my original but so far it’s blows my orba 1 away!

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