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ios multi-port midi input support?

I tried sequence orba on windows laptop. I disabled mobile device midi setting, and connect via USB. There are 4 midi devices and you can just send midi messages to all of them at the same time and all the 4 instruments on ORBA worked together.

Then I thought it gonna be amazing if I could do the same via Ipad, As there are so many creative music making apps on ios(especially some sequence apps to drive ORBA), it must be enjoyable to do some complex jam with just orba and an i-device on journey. 

Then I found that multi port  didn't work via bluetooth, there's only one port.I also tried connect ORBA directly to my ipad (pro series with type-c port), Then I got another port, But also 1 only.

 Looks like ios ORBA app didn't support usb connectivity... but why?  any other platform did.(I don't taste on android devices, maybe someone could try it) 

As ORBA 2 could sample  with smartphone, I assume there gonna be some update on ORBA app. So will multi-port midi input come to ios? 


(I also tried send midi message to PC then route to ORBA... It worked, check the video I attached)

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