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The Orba 2 PC app appears to be accessible with a screen reader!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

I am writing to proclaim that it seems as though the orba 2 app for PC is usable with a screen reader for blind folks.

Since the app has been created with JUCE and probably compiled in one of the latest versions of JUCE this may have even happened without the Artiphon devs even knowing it.

The best way to experience this is by using windows narrator. I'm not an expert on Narrator but once you load narrator and get the orba 2 app running, press capslock and use right and left arrows to navigate the various controls.  to activate a control, press the enter key on your numpad with numlock off.

You can probably do this using the NVDA screen reader and object navigation, and JAWS with what ever provision it has for object nav.

It's early days, there are some unlabeled buttons and such, but at least I can load presets in to my orba 2. I haven't figured out how to change keys yet.


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