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Orba 2 won't charge or turn on

My Orba 2 worked fine when I first got it six days ago, but now, after I've had it less than a week, it won't charge and it won't turn on.  When I plug it into my computer with a USB cable it won't turn on and the app won't detect it. I tried the reset procedure in the manual of plugging it in, pressing the volume-up button and then holding the power button for 10 seconds, but even after 60 seconds nothing happened. None of the LEDs light up and the app does not recognize it.

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If anyone else is running into this issue, try using a wall charger to give Orba 2 some gas.  There is a switch on the settings page to turn on USB charging if you are using a computer.  Note that if it was turned off, you'll have to use a wall charger.  If the issue persists, open and support ticket and we'll get you sorted.

I tried with a wall plug and the unit still won't turn on. It gets warm when I plug it in, but nothing happens when I press the On button.

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Same issue, started replacement process, we’ll see how the new replacement works when I get it.  Easy to request replacement.  Might be a number of recently manufactured and shipped units all have the same issue.  Artiphon might consider contract manufacturer and have them do a final burn in test to validate units power up.  Might add slight unit cost and the savings from warranty processing and replacement would likely far out weigh cost and greatly improved customer satisfaction as well.

Also have this isssue. Tried everything. I started a return