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Known Issues for Orba 2

Hello All. We've created this topic to share some of the known issues that we are currently working on. While not every bug is a quick fix, we do want to be intentional in keeping everyone updated on what's going on behind the scenes with Orba 2.


  • When connecting via USB, the app may freeze if USB charging is on
  • Some Android devices are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • UI adjustments are needed for some Android phones
  • Cannot import audio files to create user presets

All Platforms

  • The selected key in the app may not be accurate
  • Scrolling presets on mobile devices can accidentally open a preset

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We totally understand your frustration, as it's not fun for us either.  We're working with Google to resolve this but, unfortunately, I don't have a definitive timeline.  

I tried using the Orba2 app, what a pain in the ass. Every time I corrected one thing, it asked me do do another. No fun here. I put it back in the box. Maybe I'll try try again in 6 months when maybe the issues are fixed. Or maybe I'll just sell it. I'm just too busy for this kind of aggravation. 

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Hi everyone, and happy spring!

We want to thank everybody for their patience and drop a little update about the Android 13 connectivity bug. As you may know, following the release of an update to the Android OS, MIDI-over-Bluetooth capabilities were impacted. We are doing some testing with the latest beta release of Android 13 with great results so far, so be on the lookout as each manufacturer rolls out the update.  

Please note that there are no guarantees that anything being tested in the Android 13 beta will actually make it into the public releases. Also, we are not recommending that anyone installs a beta of any operating system because there's a chance that other bugs, unrelated to Orba and Bluetooth connectivity, could cause issues on your device.

yes, it was great that you released an update after everyone who bought it returned it. :) no one needs the device anymore.

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Hey Kaan.  Just to clarify, the release I'm referring to is an Android 13 update from Google.  

Dude, you must be kidding. If a working software does not work with your device afterwards, it means that you are an amateur. Are you aware that you are messing with your work?

I have iphone and Samsung S23. I have experiencing good connections and nearest zero lag with iphone but android connection is very bad. When will you upgrade orba2 app for playstore?

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Onurcum ben cihazı iade ettim. imkanın varsa iade et derim. tam bir fiyasko androidde çalışmaması

Hello artiphon team A very simple question here : When will all the issues on android and windows be fixed ?

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I still see the same issues on Android that I had reported 6 month ago, so I am curious to get answer as well.

Yep same here. Also I am not able to play any of the "New" link/sounds, all I hear is a light buzz/vibration ?????. I was downloading in USB mode via my desk top. App is saying I do have the latest version and up to date. ???

As some of you may know.  Google has released an update with a fix for Android 13 and MIDI over bluetooth.  However, only Pixel phones have opted in.  Other manufacturers did not include the fix in their update.  This is very discouraging to all of us.  If you are using Android 13 on a device other than a Google Pixel, please join us in reaching out to your phone manufacturer and letting them know about the issue of broken MIDI over Bluetooth.  For all the Pixel owners, update your OS and you should be good to go.

Hello! When I am trying to save my songs, the app (macOS) will load and then will say "no device connected" leaving the song unsaved and the voices set back to default. Would love a solution or a fix to this.

On the phone app (android), when I try to save, I tap the button and nothing happens. As if the button isnt even there.

Yes me too :(

Hey Britt Artiphon,
 Why cant I get ANY of the new tracks you put out.  Just buzz noise 

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