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I had a quick look to see if I could find it again, but failed. Thinking about it, I think I got the impression it defined a drum pattern (for one bar presumably) and how many times it should be repeated. But like I say, I wasn't paying attention. I guess I was considering whether drum presets would be better for making Hangdrum presets than Leads (but only out of curiosity) - if that helps to find it.

Perhaps it was this I was thinking of - though I'm not sure if offers much insight:

(Can't recall where I found it.)


So I looked at that file to see if  could find any sense to the PatternLists in it. The only thing I could suggest sounds, frankly, a bit crazy. I don't think the lists are actually doing anything in this example.

I wondered whether this could allow different settings to be used in different circumstances. Since the patterns here are about scales - maybe you could for example, and for some weird reason, make the lead preset play in the major scale, except for say, when you transpose the song to G major,  when you could set the scale to pentatonic instead.

Assuming that could be the case, perhaps it might be possible to do something similar with, say, pitch bend and make it only function on certain notes of the scale. Of course here, I'm making huge assumptions! (But I rather like the idea.)

@DavidBenton I've seen structures like that before but I'm not sure what they are. That may be a song I uploaded long ago?! I remember messing around with quantization on Orba 1 and re-created a Daft Punk song loop.

Yeah -but I think these PatternLists are not related to quantization. I saw it as a programming tool to allow different behaviours in some circumstances, and that could be quite flexible - ie: use the settings in the PatternList or stick to those in the main preset. However when I looked at this this morning I had it in my head that there were only 8 pattern entries in artipresets, whereas there are 12 in this song and in the Orba2 presets - so my thinking may have been over-imaginative.

On a whim I decided to put a cello sampled voice together today (not tested yet) - boy, the looping was a nightmare - the waveshapes varied a lot so finding working points was a toughie.

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