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Orba 2 is currently having issues with firmware updating on macOS 13 computers. In macOS 13 Apple changed the way virtual volumes are accessed. This is the way Orba 2 and many other products perform firmware updates. We are looking for workarounds in the meantime.  Please open a support ticket if you need help.

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Artiphon Support Team,

Has this issue been fixed for MacOS users?  It is also my understanding that this issue, or something very similar, has plagued Intel powered Mac computer users.  Has that issue also been fixed?

I ask these two questions because I’m interested in the Orba 2 but want to ensure that known open issues are resolved possibly before proceeding down the acquisition pathway.

Thank you.

No problems now on my 2017 Intel iMac running Ventura 13.4.1.

After several exchanges with you, I still have the same problem. Impossible to save songs and share... Impossible to update the firmware when I click with the maj button. I tried everything, you will be able to see it when you access to the exchanges. I sent screen shots. Thanks for your help.

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