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Orba 2 Custom Preset Repository


This forum is intended to share Orba 2 Custom Presets amongst the Orba 2 community. NOTE: Please upload Presets as a .zip file beginning with the folder Common as described in the first post of this forum.

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@meow - 

Thank you, but I'm retired and am happy to stay that way. Glad to be of help though.

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@Rusty Perez - I'm not sure there was a single place where it is explained - I may just have gleaned information from various other posts and worked out the rest myself!

You have two options - make a new version of the preset or just modify the existing one. I recommend the former (but either way ensure you keep a back-up of the original - you're likely to want it at some point).

First, deal with the header - give the preset a new name and a new uuid. This is a MD5 hash. (You can find online generators for this.) The uuid must be unique (vital), but it isn't a hash of anything in particular - any rubbish will do to generate one. I am sometimes lazy and move around sections of the original one to jumble it up a bit. 

Always check that the factory and readOnly values are 0. This will ensure you can delete or modify the preset later. The mode for this should be Chord - the other options are obvious - Lead, Bass or Drums.

The rest doesn't matter - do what you like.

It's a good idea to "save as" the file at this point so you are now working with a new file and you won't spoil your source file accidently- you will need to use the uuid in the file name (copy and paste) - it always comes at the end and is preceded by an underscore. (This convention also applies to sample files, images etc.)

If you are bothered about it you can change the image as you like - you can use one that already is on your Orba or make a new one -  it's a square image in .png format. There was some discussion about the required size - I started with 500x500 pixels but it seems it can be anything square -  I'd go with anything from 500 down to 120. Out of habit I stick with 500 but smaller might be better.

The entry for the image is usually near the bottom - it doesn't have to be there though.

Right, now to the actual chords. It's not complicated but can be a mind bender. Let's assume we're in the key of C for simplicity. (I think in harmonies best in D, G or A minor so I sometimes use that - it doesn't matter really.)

There are 8 chords in both the major and minor lists. Note the format - including where the spaces, commas and semi-colons are - stick to it.

Each chord consists of 4 numbers - the notes of the chords. They are relative to the root note. The first note is C - so a number 0 means you get a C, a 4 will give you an E (that's 4 semitones up) and so on. And as you can see you can also go down using negative numbers.

Now this is where it starts to strain the brain - the next chord will be based on D so you need to use numbers relative to D, and so on through the scale.

For the minor list it is relative to that scale ie: a flattened 3rd, 6th and 7th. that's Eb, Ab and Bb in the key of C.

The four notes don't have to be in any order - not sure it makes any difference but it's probably least confusing if you go from low to high.

You can use the same note (and same octave) twice in one chord -  but not 3 or 4.

There seems to be a limit to the overall range of the notes allowed. I think it might be around  two octaves but I'm not certain about this -  you can use numbers over 12, negative or positive but you are more likely to hit that limit when you do - just try to keep the range of notes down if you can.

And as you are now aware the end product of each chord doesn't have to bear any relation to what the key would normally play.

It is likely that you will make a preset that won't appear in the app at some point and won't load. Don't panic. Check for things like your uuid's, and errors in your chords - you're bound to make one some time.

If, when you test your preset something is wrong you can edit the file (I'd recommend doing that on a work file and once done copy it to the Artiphon folder replacing the old one.)

Even if you left your Orba set to that preset you will then need to click on it and choose the "Use the App" option, to load the corrected version.

I think that covers about everything - you'll probably work out the rest as you try it out.

The trick I played to get extra chords in fifths is done by the 3rd entry in the seekers section - it uses pitch bend. If you don't want to use it, just remove that entry.

(Don't forget you can make any different versions you want to try - unlike the Artiphon presets you can delete these  -  but delete in the App -  don't just delete it from the Artiphon folder.)

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Looks like I am finally getting some dividends from my SF2 converter.

Here are a couple of custom orba presets, made from instruments from  SF2 soundbank based on Yamaha Tyros 4 synth.
One is kind of a space pad  that reminds me of  UT99 jungle soundtracks, and another is just a nice human choir.

Only known issue at the moment is that it might sound dirty due to excessive volume. It can be solved be reducing volume for this particular instrument ( A+vol_minus) . (NOT  master Orba volume).

archives this time should match your convention, @SubSkyBox :)


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And a couple more  tyros pads. 


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Two HangDrum presets. I think they are about as good as you'll get on the Orba 2. As good as I'm going to do, anyway.

V2 has damping when a finger is held on the pad. V1 lets the notes ring either way.

There are soft and hard hit sounds for both.

If you choose to load only one version you will still need both of the two sample folders.

The scale and pad layout is, I think, a Japanese Akebono one -  but I may not have got that correct.

(4.03 MB)

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I have a feeling that Hangdeep samples could benefit from some eq, like  high-pass filter to cut the low side - seems like built-in speaker clips on the bass and gets dirty.

Thank you for your labor, by the way. you the only source of the interesting Orba related stuff  to read recently.

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Thanks for that - I stayed with the samples as I was given (that's also why they are in that tuning). I probably won't revisit these for a long while - I'm almost sick of the sound of Hangdrum sounds ringing in my head at the moment! I made a few attempts before I got to this good one.

The Orba software seems to do various things of dubious value - the Drum Kit sampling in the Connect app for example is heavy handed on cropping "silence" when a sound is fading out, it also seems to "normalise" the volumes in a set of samples, which destroys the dynamics, and anyway nothing sounds quite the same once the Orba has got it. (Still like it though!)

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Two new synth based presets for the Orba 2. These are a Diatonic Major, and Pentatonic Major versions of a wooden pipe organ type sound. In the higher octave it becomes a bit more like a bamboo flute or whistle, and in the lower octave soft and smooth.  I deliberately chose to keep them clean. No gestures, minimal reverb etc.

Install by merging the Common folders as described above or copying the image and preset files into the  images and lead folders respectively. 

Hope you might enjoy them.

Thanks to the guys above in this thread - they're understanding help a lot.

(200 KB)

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I have now created a library of all the presets I have put together. TheLead presets are mostly for diatonic major but some also have pentatonic and even chromatic versions.  The majority are synth based so take up little space, but a few are sample based and use up rather more space.

The whole kaboodle is 108Mb so I have posted it to Mediafire at:

If you were crazy enough to install all of them they would take up much less space than the 108Mb of the whole library on your Orba 2. This is because I have packaged them to make it easier to pick and choose what you might load. This means there is a lot of duplication of image files and samples.

These are all the ones I have loaded on my Orba 2 - a few are very similar, perhaps even the same as others and some are presets that I wasn't entirely happy with. So do with them as you will.

It should be possible to delete all the presets if not wanted, but bear in mind the samples don't get deleted with the associated preset and will remain on your Orba.

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What we could really do with is an Orbasynth app that works with the Orba 2. It won't help much with gestures  when working on a Windows pc  though - for that, we at least need a bit more information on the seeker entries in the presets.

(By the way, if you have even a basic knowledge of Html you can get to grips with xml - the format used for the presets - quite easily. The other things to watch out for  are a few simple things that need to be done and it is not too hard to start making or modifying presets. Much of that is discussed in the hacking thread - looking at the Orba 1 hacking thread is also useful.)

I think it may be possible to do more and better with the drum presets (in ways that might suit you) but I can't quite work all that out yet.

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Two synth based chord presets here:

Hazelwood - an attempt to create a preset that works like an Appalachian (mountain) Dulcimer with two melody strings in unison and two drone strings. Traditionally used for accompanying songs and tunes. Each key will sound the drones at the same pitch but you can get a melody as well!

MonksFifths - a rather monastic sort of sound with parallel fifths all the way.

(Both of these use flattened 7ths in the major - because I think it suits them better.)


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@David Benton I completely agree that there are limitations on this type of chord set, but I have a specific use case in mind. This chord set is not for the person who will be building an entire production for a single song, or for building a loop with all parts. The idea here is for the singer / songwriter who has an inspiration and wants to immediately be able to sing it over a chord progression, and continue fleshing out lyrics or melodies with his / her voice. This would be intended for self accompaniment most likely in realtime. The real drawback of the way the Orba has been designed is it's complete reliance on another device to change sounds and keys. My guitar has no such limitations, at least on keys. But the orba has an advantage there, it fits in a pocket, backpack, or the glove compartment. When I pick up my guitar, I don't have to decide first what key I want to sing in and then connect it to another device to set it up for the key I want. I just play a few chords.What I would hope to do with these multi-chord sets is to remove some barriers to organic and immediate songwriting with the orba.

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Those are great sounds/chords! Nice work.

I've been working on a few altered Factory Presets that have snapping semitones. Not quite 100% happy with them but they have potential.

First is Vibrato Bass 2. It is the same as Vibrato Bass but I messed with the Bezier curves and Seeker ranges so that it will snap up or down a semitone when using vibrato.

The second is Orba2 Bass 2. It is the same as Orba2 Bass but it will snap up a semitone when you tilt past half-way. 

These techniques can be fun to play but they cannot be recorded as performed :( 

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There's a lot of questions there which would probably be better to deal with in seperate threads.


First - the missing files. They should be there in the zip file. There are two types of preset, those that use the built in synth and others that use samples. (Drum presets can actually use both - but that's a different story.) For synth based preset two files are required, for sample based there are also the samples (in their own folder) are required. The images and samples get loaded into "This PC > Documents > Artiphon > Common > Images" and the samples in the "SamplePools > User" folder. Check that the files from each preset required are in their proper place - if not, just copy them over from my collection.

(Images and Samples can be shared and used by different presets - so once they have been put in place they don't need to be reloaded, and they may not have the same name as the preset.) If there really are any missing I will upload those here.

I have found that sometimes Images don't show up in the app (they don't get saved on the Orba itself). Sometimes they magically appear later, occassionally not. However you could try putting them in "This PC > OS(C:) > Users > Public > Public Documents > Artiphon > Common > Images" - It usually cures this issue for Images. Doesn't work for samples.

Second - Artiphon aimed the Orbas to be instruments that could be used to create music with little or no musiscal knowledge. I feel this is well-meaning but a flawed and short-sighted philosophy - it's a too common type of thinking in the music tech industry and the tech industry in general in my opinion. It does mean that it has been rather locked down in some respects and which we have not found ways past. That is rather frustrating but I sort of enjoy doing what I can.

I only opted to buy an Orba when I had learnt that I could bend the rules as it were so I got what I expected largely.

One thing that has been frustrating people is that it is locked down to Major and Minor scales. There is a very compromised and limited workaound to create different scales - but it involves making a chord preset which plays two octaves of a note instead of a chord which can be forced into the required scale in the chord modifier section of the preset.

Changing octaves wasn't something I did - that's built into the Orba already!

Although the presets are in xml it's not really like xml as it's normally used, I think, otherwise I'd find it too painful!

I was going to say that with the chromatic type presets you can play the other types of scales - but you have to practice! And that goes back to my comment about the philosophy - the arts in general require learning and effort to be really good!

(While writing this I've seen you're other posts, and see you've been looking through previous posts here - so I won't try and regurgitate any more of what has already been said.)








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