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Orba 2 Custom Preset Repository


This forum is intended to share Orba 2 Custom Presets amongst the Orba 2 community. NOTE: Please upload Presets as a .zip file beginning with the folder Common as described in the first post of this forum.

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This is a sample of the expected file/folder structure for Custom Presets.

Please use the naming convention:


Details for creating Custom Presets can be found here.

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Sharing my new Clarinet Preset. Merry Christmas!

(13.9 MB)

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Great job ,and video is very cute)

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It would be great to create and share presets but I'd rather be doing it with an updated Orbasynth. Until then I suppose I'll have to try and do some stuff with the knowledge you great guys have found and shared.

I would rather do it the official Artiphon way as well.. Artiphon's priorities are much different than mine. They seem to be focused on creating new Presets. I'd rather have scales, chord editing, stem/drum/preset making via Artiphon apps, but that could take a year or more so we starting building ourselves.

@Subskybox I only received my Orba 2 yesterday. I tried a variety of presets and found precious few that I felt were useful. The rest seemed mostly gimmicky or so sugar coated with effects that they became useless. And a few were unpleasant - as if they were designed to make people feel queasy! I expected something like this but it was worse than I had hoped for. I found myself wondering whether anyone at Artiphon had listened to them before pushing them out! 

I would go along with what you say -  but my thing for the moment would be preset sounds that will work for me but I expect to have to make them myself and I'm a bit wary of samples (storage space concerns) for the moment.

But I strongly feel that Artiphon would do well to help and encourage customers to create and share the things they can - Artiphon can benefit and learn from them.

(Never been a fan of the clarinet, but yours sounds very good, by the way!)

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I'm not a big fan of Clarinet either, but at this stage I'm sticking to audio samples I can find.. I wanted to try something where the velocity changes were obvious (Staccato vs. Legato). Now that I am almost done with my deployment scripts, installing/uninstalling presets will be very quick and easy.

Happy New Year!

I have just managed to create a synth based lead preset for my Orba 2. Not sure if anyone else has managed this so far.

Basically I used Subskybox's Clarinet artipreset file and created a template (in Windows Notepad) removing all the references to samples. Then created an orbapreset file in Orbasynth (in this case it was a modification of the tilt lead voice). I then transferred the information from that into the template adding an image and the meta type info. I was careful about the formatting of these entries. Then transferred ifles to the common folder

It's not entirely successful (apart from the fact is doesn't sound great!) in that I lost the pitch bend that was an important part of what I was aiming for - but at least I got a working preset. Whether I lost that in my modifications in Orbasynth or in the transfer of data I'm not sure.

The scale setting was for Major pentatonic but when I tried it it was playing in minor - but this may just have been inherited from the song I previously had on the Orba 2 I suppose.

It's not an elegant way of doing it, but didn't involve much in the way of skill. I hope this might be of use to others.

As an aside, I was concerned that the hash I used for the image was not made from the image file - just a random one - but that hasn't mattered.

At a later date I will share the template - but I want to see if there are improvements I can make for function and useability.

>>I was concerned that the hash I used for the image was not made from the image file 

As to my knowing after spending two month on editing artipresets,  for all these uuids all over the artipreset xml -   for evading any issues - it is enough that they are:

  •  32 characters long,
  • contain only [a-z0-9] symbols,
  • and also are unique (preset uuid should be unique and not shared with any other preset for example)  

It is not a checksum or something like that,  and there is no requirement for them to match content. You can generate them any way you like, even type randomly, if it complies with rules above.

md5sum is just a convenient method of automating uuid generation, not a requirement.


Regarding orba synth preset generation,  as soon as I've already managed to parse/unparse artipresets with python,  it should be possible to create a gui app for editing synth params.
The problem is, that it will not be any match for original orbasynth - without emulating synth sound, tweaking dozens of params blindly does not look feasible to me.

Hope Artiphon is working on orbasynth2. But due to the lack of communication, you never know if it is not developed, or  will take years or presented tomorrow.

@Ignis32 - thanks for that - I'm happy enough about hashs.

At the moment I'm either modifying or trying to create sounds in Orbasynth - but it seems to do weird things sometimes,  but then I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to VCA's LFO's etc. ! Once I have a set of settings in an Orbapreset I can put them into a Orba 2 format - but some elements of it I can't figure out  eg: to get gestures etc. working. (I just spent almost an hour creating a sound I liked and then broke it when I tried to do something with the gesture mapping section! The worst bit of that is that I lost a chance of getting some hints about how they might show up in the preset to see how it works.)

I agree that a gui app is possible but I don't have the skills to do it and we have no idea when or whether Artiphon might offer something so I'm just trying to do what I can for myself, and will share it to help those who want to try.

Looks like I am finally getting some dividends from my SF2 converter.

Here are a couple of custom orba presets, made from instruments from  SF2 soundbank based on Yamaha Tyros 4 synth.
One is kind of a space pad  that reminds me of  UT99 jungle soundtracks, and another is just a nice human choir.

Only known issue at the moment is that it might sound dirty due to excessive volume. It can be solved be reducing volume for this particular instrument ( A+vol_minus) . (NOT  master Orba volume).

archives this time should match your convention, @SubSkyBox :)


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P.S. Generated with the following tuning:


 "Chords": {

            "tuning": "57, 59, 60, 62, 64, 65, 67, 69",

            "intervals": "P1, M2, m3, P4, P5, m6, m7, P8",

            "key": "A",

            "chord_minor": "0, 3, 7, 0; 0, 3, 8, 0; 0, 4, 7, 0; 0, 3, 7, 0; 0, 3, 7, 0; 0, 4, 7, 0; 0, 4, 7, 0; 0, 3, 7, 0; ",

            "chord_major": "0, 7, 12, 16; 0, 7, 12, 15; 0, 7, 12, 15; 0, 4, 7, 16; 0, 4, 7, 12; 0, 3, 7, 12; 0, 3, 12, -4; 0, 4, 12, -5; ",

            "name": "Natural Minor",

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And a couple more  tyros pads. 


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