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Orba 2 Custom Preset Repository


This forum is intended to share Orba 2 Custom Presets amongst the Orba 2 community. NOTE: Please upload Presets as a .zip file beginning with the folder Common as described in the first post of this forum.

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Appreciate your thanks - do read through this whole thread to understand how to use what we post here (if you haven't already!).

Whilst I've not hit problems with running out of storage space on the Orba 2 yet you may want to bear in mind that sample based presets will take up space more heavily than synth based presets. Song and stem files will also be easy on storage space as long as they don't need sample based presets.

(If you're interested enough there is information in the Orba 1 section of this forum that might also help you even though the Orba 2 and Orba 1 do have significant differences.)

Hello David,

I have not found the directions of how to use the files in this thread, but will look some more and look at the orba 1 threads.

The method for presets was proposed some time ago. In the zip files there is a folder called "common" which has the same structure as the "common" folder which is, in (in Windows) This PC> Documents > Artiphon  folder - can also be accessed as OS(C): Users  > YourUsername > Documents > Artiphon. (Don't know what it is on Apple machines but I think it's similar.) These folders should have the same structure and merging will add the files to where they need to be. But you can just add the files by hand if you prefer to - just ensure you put them in the right folders. You should have an Image, and a preset, unless it's a sample based preset in which case there will also be a folder of the required samples as well.

Once you've done that it should be added to the app which will ask you to "send to Orba" when you try and select it.

(it might have been mentioned in the hacking knowledge thread for Orba1 and/or Orba 2)

Thanks David,

I also had to restart the app to see the preset...don't know if that was just my computer.

Love the flute and clarinet.

Thank you for taking the time to post instructions.

I find it's best to attach the Orba, start the app then switch on and connect the Orba. But it's behaviour seems to be variable - sometimes adding a preset can be done when it's all "live". (Are you seeing the images for these presets in your app? - they disappeared from mine after the most recent update.)

yes I see the images, maybe the update erases the images?

@Loyd - it was annoyingly odd rather than being a problem - they weren't erased from where they are added, but I found if I copied the images to the Public folders rather than the usual user folder I got them back in the app. So all is well.

But thanks for the thought.

Hi @David,

I'm trying to learn and I would like to say back to you what I think I understand from reading this thread.

I down loaded your zip file (

I copied the following file:


To these folders:



I copied the following file:


To these folders:



I copied the following file:


To the following folder:


I plugged in Orba-2

I started the Orba-2 app

I turned on the Orba-2

I selected the PRESETS tab on the Orba-2 app

I selected the Chords Icon

I saw the Bladechords icon

But the only option is "Send to Orba"

I was expecting "Play"

I noticed that Stems also only have "Send to Orba"

I selected the SONGS tab on the Orba-2 app

I saw the Icons for Stem songs

But I do not see the icon for the Bladetrotter song

I'm worried about leaving my Orba-2 in a weird state.

Did I screwed up a step?  

Hi @gerald rolon

First thing is that it is usual to have to "Send to Orba" - in the case of sample based presets it takes a bit more time for the samples to be transfered to the Orba.

Second - you should only need to copy the elements of your preset (ie: artipreset, image, and samples if they are required) to the Artiphon folder in your User folder.

However, I will add the caveat to this, I have recently been having some issues with trying to get presets working,  and especially, getting the images to show up in the app. I have had some success with the images by also putting them into the Public folders - but that was after I had previously deleted all my presets and was reloading them.  I don't think putting them in Roaming should be needed at all.

I suspect that either Artiphon has made it fussier about what the Orba will allow us to add to it with the recent updates, or I've managed to do something myself that has made it not work for me quite as it did. I'm really not sure about that. It has been suggested previously by others that using the Sync option in the Play screen menu can help getting things loaded - I try that but am not convinced it really makes a difference.

I don't know about Stems - I haven't tried - but I would assume they also need to go through the "Send to Orba" stage. 

(When loading the new sample based presets that Aptiphon push out with updates you will find you still have to "Send to Orba". Personally, I avoid doing that because I suspect I won't have any use for them and I don't want to use up the storage space in the Orba with them.)

@gerald rolon - sorry, I've just realised I mentioned using the Sync option in the Play screen. That was wrong - I should have said the Re-scan option. Serves me right for posting whilst I was barely awake.

Two new synth based lead presets Jebamboo and Ambamboo bundled together.

These are from my experiment with a pitch bend trick from @Subskybox which I have just revisited.

Play notes close to the centre for the root scale notes, move or play the notes towards the outside and you'll get notes approx.  a semitone higher with Ambamboo and approx. a whole tone with Jebamboo.

I suspect the pitches are not quite accurate but the distorted nature of the sound helps cover this I think so they work quite well.

With Ambamboo you should be able to play in most traditional modes I reckon.

(477 KB)

Just found that Ambamboo plays higher pitch than intended so I've added Bombamboo to the package which corrects that.

You can easily delete the unwanted version. Sorry about that - didn't check it out properly in a quiet environment!


And whoops again! forgot to added the updated package.

(479 KB)

@Subskybox, having trouble getting bass two to show up. I have Vibratobass in and its wonderful, really want your other one too haha.  What might I be doing wrong?.  I have restarted the app several times.

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