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Tabla drum kit or djembe

Hi it would be great if a tabla kit or djembe kit could be added as a drum kit please?

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Had not tried Tabla yet, but I had a feeling that  I am getting  too much crashes, but was not sure if it is custom presets that causes that.  

Hypothesis with sample rate is interesting, at least most of my custom presets use existing factory presets as a template, and not a lot there could be done wrong, so there is also not lot of other things we could try besides sample rate regarding crashes.

But to my knowing there are factory presets with non-48khz samples, so probably Artiphon decided that it is fine at some point. And lead presets are doing a lot of pitch shifting anyway for non-drum instruments to fill the gaps between the  notes which have their own dedicated sample, not to mention pitch bends.

 P.S. hope that it is not a cause, as  changing sample rates will most probably ruin frame-based loop markers in the SF2 converted stuff I do. 


I agree with the fact that the non-Drum voices do lots of pitch math already, so it likely won't have an impact... But I'm still going to try for the Drum Preset to see if the result gets better or stays the same. I hope it will not make a difference.

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