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Disable internal sound engine/looper on Orba 1?

Is there a way to disable the internal sound engine and looper and turn Orba completely into a MIDI controller? 

A use case I have found with Orba is that it makes for a fantastic MIDI controller except for a few quirks that I think could possibly be fixed within the constraints of the existing hardware of Orba 1. I have migrated to being a “mobile” musician primarily and utilize my iPad for a lot of my audio production/music work nowadays, specifically with apps like Drambo to build out entire tracks. However, I can’t seem to find a way to get the transport controls on Orba to be useful in my workflow, because they only affect the internal device’s parameters and do not send MIDI CC messages.

When I am using my Orba with Drambo, I tend to just have the volume turned completely off, so I’d like to be able to disable the sound engine and the looper and get Orba to send MIDI CC messages for play, stop, and a generic CC for BPM. That way I can just have Drambo act as my clock, metronome, and instrument source. This particularly could enable Orba 1 to act as a powerful controller in a live setting.

While I do enjoy Orba’s synthesis capabilities, it is difficult to get them into an iPad workflow without everything being all mixed together and it makes it more difficult for me to record and process the audio, especially with the lack of Orbasynth on iPad.

This is a great request that I'll pass along to the team for consideration.  Using Orba as a DAW transport would be really interesting to explore.  As for turning off the sound engine, what you are doing now is the best option except for when you are connected via USB.  Then you can use the Orba Sounds switch in the app settings.

is there ANY way to DISABLE the f'n METRONOME on the chorda?! I just got this unit & LOVE it except...OMG the 'forced' click is AWFUL. I would happily permanently DELETE if possible. I can't find anything online--the "disable" that posts is for the ORBA. I tried the hold A key  / & 7 "for a few seconds"--no results. 

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