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Durable sleeve/case?

Does anyone know how protective the silicone case is? 

I am a music therapist and I work with kids with disabilities. Does anyone happen to know if the artiphon cases are very protective? If not, is there a 3rd party that has created one that would be? I searched for one but couldn't find anything, but I figured that maybe someone on here would know. 

Thanks so much!

Orba, like all consumer electronics has to pass a drop test leading up to manufacturing and our little guy passed with flying colors!  Our protective silicone sleeves help further protect Orba against scratches, drops, and other damage.

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Yes the Artiphon sleeves are pretty thick, won't easily come off and give some grip in the hand - I would have thought they would suit your needs well. I don't panic if I do drop my Orba on my carpeted floor!

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Awesome, thanks! I shall go place my order :)

Thanks Britt and David! 

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