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How to modify pentatonic scale in Lead Mode to another scale?

I just got ORBA 2 yesterday.

I want to modify the note in Lead Mode.

But I can't find where can be modified

How to modify pentatonic scale in Lead Mode to another scale?

Artiphon has restricted us to Major and Minor scales on the Orba (and their pentatonic equivalents). As I recall, they suggested that using other scales created complications with chords -  which I do sort of understand.

The closest I have got to getting past that is to create a Chord preset which is made to have drones and a melody note in each "chord" - in my case that's given me a major scale with a  flattened seventh - but you could create other modal scales that way. (I referred to them as an attempt to emulate an Appalachian Dulcimer.) There seems to be some limits to what will work, however. I think the notes have to  be within a limited range.

By accident I did end up with one chord preset that only plays one note of each chord and behaves like a Lead preset with a flattened 7th major scale - including polyphonic playing. How, or why that happened, I simply don't know. So I can't offer a way to replicate that.

I'm very surprised that orba 2 doesn't have the ability to customize scales and chords

I definitely wouldn't have bought it if I had known in advance.

Hope to add these features soon.

I felt the same - but I  do enjoy trying to get it to do what I want, so I'm more disappointed that I can't bend it to my will as much as I would like. 

I do find it a fun device, but I would take issue with Artiphons' philosophy about it - but that ain't gonna change anything so I'll keep quiet on that.

I would add though, that you can do a lot with chords presets -  and possibly quite a bit with drum presets (but I haven't ventured there yet).

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