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Can you tell me how to reset my Orba 2

I now have an Orba 2 that is non functional. It will only go through boot loops until it seems to go into an update state and fail to respond successfully to any of the methods suggested by yourselves in this forum.

I presume you must have a method of doing a factory reset, after all that is something retailers and yourselves would need. To not have such a method would be severely remiss.

So, can you please advise how to do this, please.

(This is what I will put in a support ticket to Artiphon - but the answer is something that Orba 2 users should have access to.)

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This was the response:

"Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble using your Orba 2. You can find the steps to reset your Orba 2 here. Please let me know if you have any questions about this, and have a great day."

I have told them that it was failing to upgrade firmware before that - so I felt it was hardly likely to re-install firmware as was suggested.

(I can't really offer them log files - I uninstalled cleaned out my app installation as thoroughly as I possibly could at one point to try and ensure I could only be trying to to re-install un-corrupted firmware.)

Not that I expected anything, but I felt I should share! expected; you'll need to persevere with them and explain that the available firmware reset doesn't work. (This simply consists of using the same key combination that was previously available for DFU and refreshing the contents of the bootloader partition with the contents of the provided zip file.)
IIRC the vol+power combo gives you one bootloader partition and letting the loop time out will give you the other, but neither is likely to be the problem here.

Thanks @BJG145, I've given up hope of reviving it - anything I try now will be the product of an slightly obsessive tendency.

I have pointed out to Artiphon that a firmware update is not the same as a factory reset. I only really created a support ticket to make the points that have been raised here, rather than hope of success.

If you give up on it totally I can offer help in tearing it apart. I have experience in that. (Need more practice in putting it back together.)

(I also raised a ticket several days ago asking the same question but no reply yet.)

They need something that will wipe the memory.. so that it will choose the original 4 presets just like when you take it out of the box for the first time..

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I agree, strongly, with Subskybox. I'm trying to press for a proper factory reset. It's not just for those of us who have been side-loading presets, but for those who have recorded samples but need to ensure the device is "clean",  either for return or passing to someone else or just want to start afresh with it after their initial experiments as they get to know the Orba.

As an aside, I notice that there has been no complaints about Orbasynth in the Orba 1 section. Which rather suggests that it those who have used it have been happy with it - I'm sure we'd be happy here if we had that for the Orba 2. I certainly would.

Just to update, Artiphon have referred me to the retailer (DV247) for replacement under warranty.

Whether I will do this will depend on how much hassle that will involve - I try to keep my life as hassle free as possible these days!

Gotta be worth a go.

I've listed my Orba 2 on eBay. I bought it to experiment, but they're too fragile. :-/


I reached out to our engineering team about this and it sounds like there is currently no way to get directly to the storage partition if it's repeatedly crashing on boot.

Artiphon Support

Based on analogy - I suspect that  fix could be implemented as a separate special factory  reset firmware, same way as it is made on MOD  (Dwarf, Duo X) devices. They have a special firmware  flavor which removes all user data and customizations when flashed.

Would be great to have the same on Orba2.

My old Orba is now on the way to Cologne (where the retailers central warehouse is located). Just have to wait and see now.

I do struggle with idea that there seems to be no factory reset, or way to wipe the user data  - and I still feel it should have been possible to revive the poor little thing.

Just to finish the story, I have now received a replacement Orba 2 from the retailer. I think it is a brand new one - I'm not totally sure, the box had been opened, but perhaps they opened it to check it was working before sending. Anyway, it seemed to have been in factory state and needed downloaded content and updating to latest firmware which all went OK, and it works.

Thanks to Artiphon for their kind help, and to you guys for supportive comments!

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