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Orba2 app

Hi All

recently purchased a orba2, if i want to send presets from the app on my phone is it best to do it via usb-c to my phone as it doesn't seem to do it via bluetooth is this correct? im not worried if it is i just want to know .

I don't use bluetooth and I don't often connect my Orba to the phone - but it seems to work well enough for me when I do. The phone app syncs with the Orba automatically on connection. SInce I only do it occasionally I need to be prepared for it to take a little while to sync. However, my phone doesn't have the latest version of Android. If you have Android 13 you should look through the forum for issues with it as it created problems with the Orba (and other manufacturers devices, as I recall ).

Presets from Artiphon will be downloaded by the phone via wifi internet connection. Presets you make yourself the app gets from the Orba itself in that syncing process. (I think you can sideload presets on the phone by copying the required files over, but I don't think you really need to resort to that.)

Hopefully, someone from Artiphon or who uses the Android app more will chip in with better advice, but it's been rather quiet here lately.

Ok thankyou Im nrw to orba,the app would see my orba but struggled to connect via bluetooth maybe i neec to give it more time to try and sync, i think im on android 13 im going to try with a udb c yo usbc lead tonight and see if i can transfer presets via cable connection

It's an old thread but it might be the most recent on this issue:

I suspect that with a new load of customers getting the new Chorda (on Kickstarter) and also getting Orba 2's this will get new interest - I guess if Artiphon will be under pressure to sort it out for the Chorda that will also help them sort it out for the Orba 2. (Though it is worth mentioning that it's a problem resulting from Android changes rather than something Artiphon did.)

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