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Unresponsive Orba? Follow these steps

Follow this article for step-by-step instructions.

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there is no link in your message,

this article is just underlined.... 

You'll need to contact Artiphon for that; I'm just another Orbaphile trying to help get you back up & running. It's very unlikely that your unit is actually faulty; most seemingly dead Orbas have so far turned out to be the result either of a run-down battery or a failed firmware update. To double-check, it was showing a green full charge in the app and/or all green lights lit on a power-button press-and-hold when you started playing? I ask because in my experience the Orba takes a long, long time to charge (MUCH more than three hours) from a computer; mains charging is faster but still takes a while. Mine has been sitting charging for the last four or five hours from my Mac mini and is still only lit to the fourth tab. And the power can drain surprisingly fast if it's left on. I'd still very strongly recommend leaving it to charge overnight as the next step and then doing a force restart again if it's not turning on.

Hi Oliver,

If you don't mind trying again, that article is here.

(Sorry, single press on the power button, not press-and-hold, obviously – that's to turn it off.)

I did as you suggested. The procedure is clear. I already sent you the log. I am still able to play the internal sounds and if I connect the orba via USB c cable I can send midi... But Bluetooth is dead. I cannot reconnect via Bluetooth Cheers Oliver
Just carried out the updated steps supplied by Adam McHeffey to no avail, Orba remains dead. Updated email sent to It is a pretty paperweight

Hey guys! If you're having this issue, check out this Knowledge Base article with some helpful tips for fixing your Orba. 

If the issue still persists, send us an email at so we can better help diagnose what's going on. 

Also, very curious to hear if you're experiencing this issue on a Mac or Windows computer, as that information is helpful for us in trying to fix these issues 

Also attempted the new process to no avail.  I'm not in complete brick mode as I can still play the base sounds, but am unable to do anything else as my PC recognizes it but the software doesn't.  

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