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Anyone get Orba recognized in Linux

I know Orba is not meant to be used in Linux, but I was able to install the Orba Windows app inside of Codeweavers (windows emulator) inside of Linux Mint 20. The issue I'm having is the Orba device is not recognized as a device. It shows up in the usb list when it's plugged in, but does not have a name. Just shows the usb port as active. Any help would be great. I'll also keep researching.

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Thanks for starting a new TOPIC for Linux advocacy of Orba app !

I've starting learning a lot about Linux MIDI thanks to this HANDBOOK

Technically Orba is being used with Linux if you access Linux commands in Terminal on MacOS.
This works only with the limited Apple implementation of core features.

I see most success was using Apple devices hen next with Windows as a second place platform with system requirements being met meaning native Windows 10.

Android is under development and is also Linux kernel at the developer level.

Chrome OS is including Linux as a BETA so if Orba is run as Android app then it is almost native on a desktop Linux running Chrome OS on Chrome box (March 2020 link).
I hope to get to try it after Christmas.
Chrome apps are becoming Chrome extensions so that would be a welcome addition as well.

Orba is a compliant Midi device and I use Ubuntu 20.04 on Odroid N2 ARM meaning there is no Intel for Windows. 
It show as 0000:5740 using lsusb which means no manufacturer ID assigned and product ID 5740.

The Orba uses Artiphon sysEX

00H 02H 03H Artiphon

It also does not report a description or satisfy /dev/ttyACM0 for access as an Arduino ESP32 device.


$ ls -lh /dev/ttyA*
ls: cannot access '/dev/ttyA*': No such file or directory


See attached dmesg

That said it does show up aplaymidi -l and aplay -l as a usable Midi and PULSE audio device.
It runs with Linux MIDI and audio output as it is compliant.

The only need for Windows is UPDATE and in that case the SETUP exe fails using Q4Wine.
If Codeweaver is like Virtual Box then it needs the USB configured in the manager to pass along USB input and output.

I am using MATE desktop on the Odroid N2 Ubuntu 20.04 for this part of discussion.

Since the USB is not correctly reported  it may not be native Linux friendly.

$ lsusb -d 0000:5740
Bus 001 Device 010: ID 0000:5740 DaKai 2.4G RX

 The verbose is attached revealing all it tells Linux as a USB device.

 Here is the Orba  as audio output.

$ aplay -L
    Artiphon Orba, USB Audio
    Direct hardware device without any conversions
    Artiphon Orba, USB Audio
    Hardware device with all software conversions
    Artiphon Orba
    USB Stream Output


$ aplaymidi -l
 Port    Client name                      Port name
 20:0    Artiphon Orba                    Artiphon Orba MIDI 1
 20:1    Artiphon Orba                    Artiphon Orba MIDI 2
 20:2    Artiphon Orba                    Artiphon Orba MIDI 3
 20:3    Artiphon Orba                    Artiphon Orba MIDI 4 

 I can play mid files but expecting garbage interpretation of general midi songs.

I can use it as a controller in LMMS



(24.5 KB)
(538 Bytes)

I've just been pointed to this thread by ORBA-support - Thanks for that !!!

Have been fiddling with the connection of ORBA under OpenSuse for quite a while now, and can confirm, that I have the same situation as R.Jackson and Senior Geek, up to error -22 when connecting it.

Working with latest version of the ORBA-Windows software didn't change anything.

Codeweavers Crossover, which is what I'm using, is sort of an enhanced WINE. It offers some mapping of physical (USB) devices to virtual serial ports. However, it looks like this feature is limited to physical USB devices, which are in some way recognizable as data-devices.

ORBA on the other hand is seemingly recognized as external MIDI Interface. And although mapping that to a serial port doesn't give any error, still, the software can't recognize it.

It would be interesting to know, what exactly the software is looking for - so one could create the proper mappings on Linux. 

As time allows I'll do further tests and will post my findings (or non-findings ;-/ )

I have returned the Orba to Guitar Center before the return period ended.
I will watch this forum for progress and especially this thread.
I have Akai and Numark MIDI controllers on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on ARM Odroid N2.
Also I will be updating Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS to 20.10 Ubuntu Studio on System 76 Lemur 6 which has

 Q4Wine on Intel i7-6500U.

These systems are only Linux never had Windows installed so no expectation of dark side influence.

I can explain my processing of issues and may re-purchase Orba once the Android app exits BETA and features appear.
It will need to be a licensed USB device for me to consider usable.
If Artiphon is not USB vendor legitimately then I can't take them seriously as a real MIDI product.

It would be easy to hack or reconfigure if there were Open Source software made available.
MIDI is too niche market to try to be proprietary product.
I mentioned Sphero SpecDrums as example of making an item for just Apple educational market.
This manufacturer is totally unyielding to deal with but they have a captive audience that Bose tried to penetrate with BoseBuild speakers and also unfriendly. 


Orba is up and running successful on Reaper for Linux!  

Reaper Downloads Page

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Britt how do you access to the orba with the Reaper?

I managed to install Orba application onto Xubuntu 16.04 thanks to wine 5.0. is there a way to let it recognize via usb? i just want to update the orba. for the moment.


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