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More Orba presets! 2 Leads, one Bass and 3 Chords!

Hi all,

I am so in love with Orba and wanted to explore the new info about being able to alter the presets. I took some time with this and made a few that I think are quite enjoyable. The names, pictures and descriptions are half of the fun and I hope you all get the vibes that I am going for with these.

To install these, just place them with the other presets in their respective Artiphone / Orba / Presets folder. This will be in User / Library on a mac, not sure on a PC.

(81.7 KB)
(160 KB)

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Default PC location is:

C:\Users\[user account]\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba\Presets


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Sweet thanks for adding that. Did you try the patches?

@sam, just to keep things nice and tidy i create two threads, one for sharing custom-made presets and one for sharing orba hacking knowledge.

I personally would move all we have found and created there and delete other threads (actually, I already did it for my bits).

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@Sam - yes, they did! Thanks for sharing.

Now...if only the Orba Windows app would let me switch presets without needing to force close it, start it back up, unplug/replug to Orba every time I want switch!

Thanks so much for all of your feedback. We’re happy to announce that we’ve now created a way for you to easily customize the sounds on Orba and create your own presets. You can check it out in our new thread here: 

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