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orba midi bluetooth on windows 7

i was a little frustrated when i recognized that orba cannot work wireless with windows 7, but i want to share that i resolved the problem through a android smartphone and the m-audio uno interface.

If you are interested in discover how, write me on this topic

kind regards


I am definitely interested in knowing. I really like my Orba. Unfortunately I am not unable to have a Windows 10 or higher PC and I was completely unaware of this. If you are serious about this, I would definitely like to know... Thanks! Fred

Hi Fred, 

this is how i've done it:

i connected my android telephone (linked wireless to the orba through the app BLUETOOTH MIDI CONNECT) to a maudio midi interface.  Then installed the app SUPER MIDI, setting the midi interface as output and the bletooth midi as input.
And it worked immediately.
If you have questions, write again!

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