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Remapping Garageband sounds to Orba as midi controller

Hi all,

Loving my Orba so far - but need some guidance on using it with Garageband.

I've been able to connect the Orba to Garageband as a software instrument, but when attempting to create and record sounds (let's say, Fingerstyle Bass) the notes appear to be scattered across the pad triggers. When using the Orba solo and hitting the pads from 1-8, the notes would scale up a key in the correct order. however in Garageband the notes jump higher and lower as I hit the pad triggers in the same order. Is there a way to modify the mapping in Garageband for Orba pad triggers what sound/note?


Hi Steve, 

Great question! It sounds like your Orba might be in drum mode if your notes are scattered around the pads. The best way to control mapping to Garageband is to use the Orba Mode of whatever instrument you're using, as they're all mapped specifically. I would recommend using the Bass Mode on the Orba when playing with "Fingerstyle Bass" on Garageband. 

There's a section in our user manual called "Default Note Mapping" that explains this in a lot more detail.

How do you connect the Orba to GarageBand? Please show steps

Hi Mark! Thanks for following up on this. 

We've been getting this question a lot recently, so we created an article for it in our Knowledge Base (FAQ) that should have everything you need. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this

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