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Feature Request: Options when selecting a preset (Chord/Lead scales)

So I know that selecting different scales and such is on the roadmap, I just wanted to give my feedback as per a possible implementation. 

To me it seems quite un-optimized to have entirely different presets (see "Orba" and "Orba diatonic") even though only the tuning of the sound changes. Since I've had to customize my presets in order to have diatonic Leads and 7th chords available with all patches, my sound selection in the app has become quite crowded.

I feel like it should be possible to select these kinds of parameters from the preset page, I've made two quick mockups of how I think this might work: 

This would be the chord preset selection, allowing for 7th, normal chords and Open modes:


This would be the Lead selection, allowing for pentatonic and diatonic scales:


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I would hope for this to be expanded upon even more, with possibilities to enable/disable different gestures for the sounds, such as having the "Vibrato Bass" as an option, rather than it's own preset

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Hi @ Quad Plex. Thanks for putting this together. This is really interesting, and I'll make sure this gets shown to our development team. 

What would be some other scales and chords you'd want to see available for Orba?

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Hey @Evan, thanks for the quick feedback! 

The most obvious scale I'd love to see implemented aswell is a simple blues-scale, which would be a lot of fun to improvise with on a Lead voice. Apart from that there's the standard list of classical scales such as Iorian, Dorian, Phrygian and the likes, however they're probably less priority to have on-board the device.

As far as chords are concerned I would already be content with the given selection if the 7th and Open variants were available to be selected for all chord patches by default, as per my original suggestion. However, someone with more knowledge of musical theory than I do might want to see some more complex chord arrangements added, I can't say much more about that

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Actually, I did notice another scale that I feel would be a nice addition, a harmonic and a melodic minor scale opposed to the only currently available natural minor scale would allow for more expressive lead-playing aswell

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@Evan: related to this

This is a must have as it would increase dramatically the expressivity of the instrument.

I add that I could be nice to switch between scale on Orba directly, but of course this opens up a broader discussion on clever shortcuts. Maybe A + instrument + slide?

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I like the User Experience proposed here.. and the feature itself (chords/scale selection) seems a must to me!

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I'm a "recent arrival" and for WIW I agree that  selection of scale should be independent of the voice. If we could then have the major and minor blues scales as well as major, harmonic and melodic minor it would be fantastic!

Even if this was only available from an external interface (the app or MIDI) that would be fine for my particular needs.

I agree that basic Blues scale seems to be an obvious one. I would add Harmonic Minor. Technically Melodic Minor is different ascending vs. descending so that doesn't really make sense for the Orba. I would also like to see support for other "meditative" scales like those played on steel slit tongue drums (handpans, tank drums, hang drums, etc.) - scales like "Integral", Pygmy, Akebono, etc. There are a few that are very popular for that and they are not modes of the major scale.

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