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Orba Utilities

This Topic is discuss the Orba Utilities created by myself. New discoveries can be discussed here but should also be posted to the Orba Hacking Knowledge Base

Orba Utilities are located here:


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Trying to figure out how to start the Chord Fiddle in Windows. 

I see -OrbaDeployDaemon.ps1 - Initial Commit - 7 days ago

I know you have been working on this  - Is there a more recent version of this that we need or is this the updated one?
Do I then need to copy and paste this script to a file on my local machine?

I'm not a Github guru. But after connecting and powering up the Orba, what I did was go to the homepage here:

Click on "Code" and "Download Zip", then unzip it in a suitable folder. You can then right-click on "OrbaDeployDaemon.ps1" and choose "Run with Powershell". Ignore any messages in that window; just minimise it and forget about it.

After that, you can open the "html" sub-folder, right-click on the two HTML pages ("OrbaChordFiddler" and "OrbaVirtualPiano") and choose "Open with...Google Chrome". (They might work with other browsers, I haven't tried, bt the instructions mention Chrome.)

Try playing a chord on the Orba and see if you can get it to show up in OrbaVirtualPiano. (I had a message asking for permissions for something or other when I opened it, which I accepted.)

Once you've got that far, try incrementing the first "Root Note Offset" by a couple, to shift the lower note of the first chord up a tone. Then choose "Copy to Clipboard", wait a few seconds, and click "Deploy".

At this point, the Orba App should open after a few seconds. Select "Browse"..."Presets"..."Chord", and you should see a new preset called "Disentangle". Click on that to load it, check that your Orba is in Major mode, press Pad 1, and you should hear that the first chord has been "fiddled" to raise the root. 

Let us know how far you get...:-)

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Thanks for providing those instructions! Its easy for me to forget the details since I already know how to use it. I need to update the README file now so I'll steal your content ;)

As for the full ModifierData Fiddler, I just made the changes over lunch. I'll have to do some testing on it but likely will add it to the repo tonight.

Looks like this so far:


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Added OrbaModifierDataFiddler.html to the repo. There are lots of zeros so those values likely do nothing or maybe they do. :) I suspect some of the values (e.g. 2,4,8,32) are flags (a.k.a powers of 2) they might do something. Let us know if you find anything interesting.

Also, I fixed the daemon. Please let me know if you see any further errors when the clipboard is empty.

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Thanks for the leads. 

Might I suggest -

Click on the Code Tab then Click the down arrow on  on the  Green "Code" Button to "Download Zip", then unzip the downloaded Zip file into a suitable folder.

instead of Click on "Code" and "Download Zip", then unzip it in a suitable folder.

I do not have Chrome installed on my machine.  Firefox loaded the HTML files fine but so far the HTML pages do not seem to work.  Will try more tomorrow.

Thaks again

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I just tested it with Microsoft Edge, which is based on Chrome and also works. When you open OrbaVirtualPiano it prompts you with: "This file wants to use your MIDI devices", and you need to click: "Allow".

@BJG145 I found two values using OrbaModifierDataFiddler.html that have an effect on the Orba (albeit not very useful). Indexes 27 & 28. Index 27 appears to be the starting Pad # and Index 28 appears to be the number of active Pads. So for example, setting Index 27 to 2 and Index 28 to 5 will cause the Orba's Chord Mode to only have active Pads 2-6. Pads 1,7 and 8 are shut off.

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Thanks for making those extra values available for experimenting. I tried them out but I couldn't find anything; I think we've got the most useful bit.

Also created a design for the new Chord Editor this morning... Thoughts? I plan on trying a design for the Scale editor this week.


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Looks great!

The idea is to choose a Starting Template so that the user can choose the synth sound they want. They then edit the values and press the PAD 1-8 buttons which will send the Orba the corresponding notes. This means real-time feedback and no waiting for the daemon :). When the user is happy with the results, they name the file and click DOWNLOAD in the Save As area. The user then places the new file into any folder they want. I think this will banish the Daemon but it may still be required for other features in the future.

And now a first design for the Scales. The idea here is that you can select a scale for both Major & Minor modes. This would be defined in an OrbaScales.json file. You can see some custom scales in the image below. When a voice is set to Pentatonic, it has different root notes for each pad, so I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this yet..



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@BJG145 I'm struggling to figure out exactly how you made the Dorian preset. Did you just choose a Chord Preset and then modify the offsets? I'm trying to see if I can convert a Bass or Lead sound to a Chord sound. I guess the real question is what makes a preset start using the ModifierData? I thought if was when the mode is set to Chord but I'm not so sure 

<SoundPreset name="">
    <SynthPatch mode="Chord"


...yes, just modified the offsets in a chord preset, then copied it to the lead folder and loaded it as a lead preset.

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