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I1 classical impressionism on 4 ios MPE apps

1st week. I have grand plans but already great success recording some classical soundtrack impressionism with four simultaneous iPad apps:
Vibraphone in Artiphon,
Kyoto Strum in GeoSynth,
some bells in SpringSound, and
Viola on ThumbJam

I love the way they each respond differently so I can really play all four at once, with vibes and bells responding to taps, viola responding to slides and z-axis, and kyoto going from single to repeats between tap and pressure.

Tuning is slide-fretless, roughly Cdim (regular m3rds) + BD: C D# F# G# B D which gave me a lot of ergonomic microtonal diversity with some jazz-bluesy accent stretch.

Coconut Crabs by Kristal McKinstry

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