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chromatic scale

currently, I can play in diatonic or there a way to go chromatic?

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@Alta not at this time. We prioritized having the diatonic scale available because Orba only has 8 pads, and then included the pentatonic in lead to add some variety. We appreciate the feedback, and are always looking for ways to expand on Orba's capabilities, so I'll pass this information along to our development team

I work almost exclusively in alternative scales, some of them are 8 steps to the octave, some more, some less. Not being fully chromatic is a problem but if it’s possible to alter every note of the diatonic scale then there are ways to make this work. If you’re just stuck with diatonic major and minor scales then this is really little more than a toy and not particularly musically useful for serious composers.

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Thanks to some recent work by @Subskybox, the Orba can now play any scale (and chord) you like, including chromatic...but only up to 8 notes obviously...:-)

Check out the "Orba Utilities" thread for details, and post there if you need more info.

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