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How can I change the MIDI NAME in MAC MidiStudio?

hi ... is it possible to change the name of the Orba Device so that I see it in the bluetooth configuration where I connect it? I change the name several times but it shows only "Artiphone Orba" all the time... 

Background? I have 2 Orba's and last time on stage also somebody at the crowd  has one... imagine you wanna start your performance with connecting your orba to your Mac and then you see 10 Orbas with the same name... 

that's why I need this :-D 

may NOW ... anybody?? :-)

Thanks for following up on this, Howard. I'm sorry for the delayed response to your original question. 

Are you trying to do this on your phone or with a desktop computer? 

Although there isn't a way to do this on your phone, you can do this on your computer (I'm using a MAC) under Audio MIDI Setup > Show MIDI Studio by double-clicking on your Orba that's connected. 

Please note that this might potentially make it invisible to the Orba app. 

Hi Evan,

I talk about the MAC and the MIDI Studio and as I said in my first post: it always change the Name back to Artiphon Orba if I reconnect. THATs the issue ... if you are on stage with more than one Orba...


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