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Feature Request: 3/4 (or other) time signatures

While I agree that it would be good to be able to switch to at least 3/4, there is an excellent workaround.

If I want to record a loop in 3/4 at (say) 120 BPM then I set the metronome to 40 BPM and then each click is one bar (measure) instead of one beat. So I get an awesome 32 bars in my loop. This only works when I want to record a loop with the number of bars is a multiple of four, but that covers a lot of music!

A similar bit of mental arithmetic gives me 16 bars of 2/4 with the metronome set to 60, where the clicks are still crotchets but there are two bars for each position of the lights. The number of bars in the loop has to be a multiple of 2.

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This is an OK workaround, but really we could use at least a 3/4 division. That would give us 3/4, 6/8, 9/8, etc. 

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ORBA 2: adding my support to this request!

I am hugely into prog music and would love to do other time signatures.

Please @Artiphon add support for 3/4, 5/4, 7/8, 9/4, etc.

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Custom time signatures would be an awesome addition. You could easily set the number of Pulses in the app from just like we do with the Key selection. I imagine there'd be a way to do this on the Orba itself as well, possibly by holding the A button and BPM buttons, and then using the Volume Up/Down to select the number of Pulses (like we do to set the volume of each instrument)? Something like that would be a pretty simple addition that adds a lot of value imo. 

Même chose pour moi : le choix entre plusieurs signatures rythmiques 3/4 ; 5/4 ; 7/8 me paraît indispensable et techniquement realisable par artiphon. Merci pour votre travail
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