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Orba shaken recording not working

Hey guys. Enjoying the orba but when I hold down 8 and shake the orba I can hear it but when the recording plays back you can hear the shake sounds. Any ideas?

Hi there. Thanks for reaching out. 

The shaker, by design, only records pad events. In this case you can play a shake hit as you would a drum.  However, the shake gesture is bypassed during record because of memory limitations. 

More specifically: the shaker sound is generated using a continuous controller that always generates some amount of modulation. When recording, only the last recording pass would remain.  So overdubbing other drum sounds after recording the shaker would delete the shaker. To avoid confusion around this, the shaker is not recorded.

what this doesn't make sense, what's the point of the shaker if you cant record it?...  Is it supposed to still be like this on the Orba 2 too?

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