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Metronome Timing w/ Tempo adustment + led progress for recording.

Whenever I talk to anybody about the Orba one of the first major drawbacks they find is the extremely short loop limit of 32 beats. 
People get around this limit by slowing down the tempo as much as possible, but then they have to rely on either an external metronome or themselves to set the beat, and many people struggle to stay on beat without one. 

My own method is to slow the tempo and lay down an initial simple drum loop to be me guide, and then go from there. 

If Artiphon were to allow us to change the timing of the metronome to a custom time signature, it would allow people to match it to tempo and tempo could be used as a way to extend song length in a much more 'official' and more importantly usable fashion. 

The next issue that crops up with using this method (and the Orba in general) is the lack of ability to see what bar you are recording on via led. 
You get an led measurement for playback, but why isn't there one for recording as well??

If Artiphon would give the Orba the ability to alter the time signature on the metronome as well as visual recording placement feedback the device would become much more useful as a standalone product.  

(though we all know the support for Orba has been less than stellar so far). 

Amen to that.

Loop duration is limited by the amount of internal memory, this is a difficult (or expensive) one to improve as it requires hardware changes.

Bar length & Time Signature can be address via a firmware & software update, which are much cheaper to implement by the dev team.

Please Artiphon, let us change the time signature... This would have a huge impact on the type of music we're able to create with your already awesome product!

For info, there's a hack to get longer loops. Here's 32 bars.


It's possible to record a song file with an introductory beat, then copy it, and edit the XML to change a variable called "nBars" to whatever you want; 32 in this case, with the result recorded direct from the Orba's headphone jack. It's not interesting musically, it's just an example of the kind of extended loops that are possible with this approach.

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