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Is Orba a multitimbral midi synth?

Hey everybody, just got my new Orba yesterday, and so far everything works like a charm. Love the synth engine, and it definitely is a great midi controller. There is just one thing I can't get to work: no on matter what midi channel I send data to the Orba, it always plays the Lead sound. Is this the normal behaviour, or am I missing something? I'd really love to be able to send data on Channel 10 and use it as a drum synth.

What are you trying to connect vía midi with orba? Do you want to set the orba as a midi-out device?

With ableton works well, but I only tried it as a midi-in device (as a controller for the PC sounds).

Hi Michael. Would you mind checking your settings in the Orba app? 

You may want to try turning off Mobile MIDI Mode and setting your MIDI Mode to Channel-per-part

Let me know if this helps! 

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Hey guys, thanks for the replies, and thanks Evan for the hint. I just set up my Studio One to use four different Midi ports with the Orba set to Channel-per-part, and now it works as intended. Before that, I tried to send Midi on different channels over one port in Mobile Mode, but that didn't work.

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