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Orba Utilities

This Topic is discuss the Orba Utilities created by myself. New discoveries can be discussed here but should also be posted to the Orba Hacking Knowledge Base

Orba Utilities are located here:


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I've pushed up the Orba Editor Alpha and updated the README. I deleted the Editor branch and moved everything to the Master branch since I won't be maintaining the Fiddler versions. Older Daemons and Fiddlers have been moved to the archived folder. I need to record a new Demo video which I hope to do soon. 

@BJG145, @Steve, @GJ van Mulbregt

Very much looking forward to your Feedback before I announce this to the Orba Hacking Knowledge Base


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...this looks brilliant, thanks. :-)

(...still find that I need to drag the first starting template rather than using "browse", or the "download" button doesn't work for some reason; Windows 10, Edge/Chrome. After that first one I can use "browse". It might just be my PC, and it's not a problem once you're aware of it.)

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Looks great!

The idea is to choose a Starting Template so that the user can choose the synth sound they want. They then edit the values and press the PAD 1-8 buttons which will send the Orba the corresponding notes. This means real-time feedback and no waiting for the daemon :). When the user is happy with the results, they name the file and click DOWNLOAD in the Save As area. The user then places the new file into any folder they want. I think this will banish the Daemon but it may still be required for other features in the future.

@BJG145 I'm struggling to figure out exactly how you made the Dorian preset. Did you just choose a Chord Preset and then modify the offsets? I'm trying to see if I can convert a Bass or Lead sound to a Chord sound. I guess the real question is what makes a preset start using the ModifierData? I thought if was when the mode is set to Chord but I'm not so sure 

<SoundPreset name="">
    <SynthPatch mode="Chord"


...yes, just modified the offsets in a chord preset, then copied it to the lead folder and loaded it as a lead preset.

...great, got the new scale and chord editor working now. :-)

What I've found on my Windows PC is:

1) Open it with Edge. If you use the "Browse" button, the name of the file comes up, but the "Download" button doesn't do anything. If you drag the file instead, it looks the same, but the "Download" button will work this way.

2) Open it with Chrome. As above, the "Download" button only works if you drag the file instead of browsing for it. In this case however, you may see the Orba App open automatically; but ignore that, because the file isn't available yet. If this happens, you'll need to close it, copy the file from the Downloads folder into the Lead/Chords folder as usual, and then open it again. 

(This might just be due to certain file associations that are specific to my PC.)

Note that you should copy the source file from the Chords folder, even if you're creating a lead scale preset; otherwise you'll probably just end up with a pentatonic. Once you've downloaded the file, you can copy it to the Chords folder for chords, or the Lead folder for leads.

I haven't tried this yet, but it might be best to create a minimal chord template without a synth patch to start with, so you can change the chords or scale without changing the voice.

...just tried creating a minimal chord template with just the first Modifier/Seeker entry:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>










...using the data from an existing template.

I was able to load this into the new chord/scale editor and create a Locrian lead which didn't overwrite the existing sounds.

I've just realised I was getting confused whn I suggested that you could generate an altered chord preset and copy it into the Chords folder though...I don't think that works...? I guess this is just set up for creating new Lead presets at the mo...? (I tried downloading an altered chord set then loading it from the Chords folder but it had no effect.) 

...ah, no, I'm wrong; I just had the Orba in the wrong mode (Maj/Min). All working great.

Excellent. Thanks @Subskybox! yes, just to confirm that it's possible to start with a minimal chord template without synth voice info, then use that to create either lead or chord presets, loaded from the relevant folder, which will reprogram the chords and lead scale while keeping whatever voice you have loaded...

Trying to figure out how to start the Chord Fiddle in Windows. 

I see -OrbaDeployDaemon.ps1 - Initial Commit - 7 days ago

I know you have been working on this  - Is there a more recent version of this that we need or is this the updated one?
Do I then need to copy and paste this script to a file on my local machine?

I just tested it with Microsoft Edge, which is based on Chrome and also works. When you open OrbaVirtualPiano it prompts you with: "This file wants to use your MIDI devices", and you need to click: "Allow".

Does this tool support orba2?

>I've got a new theory on the Seekers that came to me in a dream

...haha, always the best way to make new scientific discoveries...

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