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Orba Utilities

This Topic is discuss the Orba Utilities created by myself. New discoveries can be discussed here but should also be posted to the Orba Hacking Knowledge Base

Orba Utilities are located here:


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Just fixed it. I forgot one line of code (or accidentally deleted it)

After going through the Phrygian Dominant example, I was thinking about a "Scale Editor" that would make it easier for people to add new presets. This could be part of Chord Fiddler or separate.

You could enter a name like "Whole-Tone" and a set of intervals (2222222 in this case), click "Add", and the program would edit orba_scales.json to do the rest.

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In general, a user currently has to work out two different sets of offsets depending whether they want to add a scale to the Maj or Min slot. But they might potentially want to add any scale in the list to either slot, and the Min offsets have a fixed relation to the Maj ones, so Min can be automatically calculated from Maj. And they can both be calculated from a list of intervals. Plenty of these can be found online; eg:

(I like the separate drop-down lists for "Min" and "Maj" in the Chord Fiddler interface, but I think it would be easier if they both had the same list of scales, with the second one calculated from the first one, and the first one calculated from a basic interval list.) 

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