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Orba Utilities

This Topic is discuss the Orba Utilities created by myself. New discoveries can be discussed here but should also be posted to the Orba Hacking Knowledge Base

Orba Utilities are located here:


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Just fixed it. I forgot one line of code (or accidentally deleted it)

Amazing work Many thanks!

Loading new modal presets into the lead mode seems to result in a monophonic instrument. Is that the idea?

It's been a while since I looked at this. @Subskybox previously noted that: "any Preset dropped in the Bass folder becomes monophonic and adding chords also makes it monophonic"

As far as I recall, the preset you start with, and the folder you load it from, can both make a difference. Maybe make sure that you start with a Lead preset, and load the edited version from the Lead folder...?

said 5 months ago

@Subskybox I've only just realised that you can get a 9th note out of Lead mode by tapping the side. It would be cool to be able to tune that one as well. It generally seems to be a low note in the same voice.

This doesn't seem to work on the Orba 2 anymore. 

said 5 months ago

The Holy Grail would be to find a way to change Key | Maj/Min from the Orba itself.

Agree. Similar to Octave Up/Down, but KEY Up/Down would make the Orba much more useful for jamming with other people. The less you need the app for the better.

...right, yes...turning octave up/down into semitone up/down would be a huge improvement.

Personally I feel like they could do much more with the Vol +/- buttons. In the same way you hold A+(Drum|Bass|Chord|Lead) and then control per-part volume, Artiphon should be able to hold A+OCT and use the Volume +/- buttons to change the key. It could sound the root note each time you click one of the volume buttons.

They need to figure out a way for change Patch as well. We know with Orba 2 that all the patches are stored in the device, so there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to do similar to change drum sets without need a secondary app for example.

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