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Enabling quantization

Orba-1 has a 16th-note quantisation setting. This is unoffical, not fully implemented, and disabled by default, but I'm finding it quite useful so I thought I'd add some notes on how to switch it on in case anyone wanted to try it.

Any changes you make to your Orba are at your own risk.


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1) Quit the App, turn the Orba off and on

2) Install Putty for Windows

3) In "Serial", choose 115200 for baud, and COM12 or COM13 depending which you see for the Orba in Device Manager

4) In "Session", choose "Serial" and click "Open"

5) Press "q"

You should see a message saying that quantisation has been enabled. Press "q" again to disable it.

Quantisation mode will stay on through power-off and song changes, but can be reset by "q" in the console or a firmware reset

Bear in mind that you may find notes moving around unpredictably until you get used to it. You might also find that recording becomes slightly flaky.

After recording a new sequence, you may need to turn the Orba off and on again for quantisation to take effect. Note that it's a playback option, not a data-changing option, and the original recording will be restored once you turn if off again.

Above is a quick example of quantised playback on a Phrygian Dominant scale.

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So, has anybody tried it out already? 

Here's a couple of simple "before/after" demos...normal playback, gap, quantised playback.

It works pretty well if you don't mind tinkering around a bit.

(1.37 MB)

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I have done this on a Mac and it works well. I find recording a bit buggy with quantize turned on. I prefer to record with it off and turn it on after I've completed recording. I intend to create a Utility to quantize the .song file by part IF Artiphon does not release this function in the next few months. My gut feel is that they will release a new Orba App that works with Orba 2 and this will be bundled with a firmware upgrade for Orba 1 - with quantizing enabled. I'm thinking the App will allow you to quantize per part and maybe even set the snap level too. I sure hope I'm right!

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