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The inability to save my songs on my Orba 2 is a deal breaker fo me.

 This is functionality that should have been an 'out of the box' feature, not a "We'll add it in the coming month.." which is the reply I got from support.

To be honest, If I don't get a response soon about WHEN this ESSENTIAL USABILITY FEATURE will be available - at the moment it's barley above a glorified toy and NOT worth the money or my wait time - I will want my money back...soon...

Why would I want to compose / write / take the time on this if I can't save it?

EXCEEDINGLY disappointed....

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So I have one last question. It seems the saving is synchronized on the app among different devices, so if I save on my phone, the save file would also be there on the app on my computer. Though, does this also synchronize when say I bought another phone or computer? If so, it would be assumable that the save file is saved within your Orba 2.

Testing the new save song feature now. Thank youall - team Orba. jj

I like the idea of Save / Save As. I think people are used to this. I think pressing + at the beginning would be something many forget to do. Most people create a loop and think: "This sounds good, I should save it!".. but then they click Save and save over some other sweet loop from before.

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To start a new song, go to the Songs tab and click/tap the + sign at the top.  This will give you a clean slate to begin working on a new song.  If you have an existing song open and then alter it, clicking/tapping save will be saving changes to the original song.

So I can safe too, but it seems I can only safe one song. When I try to safe another song, it overwrites this one song every time. Does anyone have this problem too?

Yes! New samples. Firmware update. Fixed resizing of content to fit in screen. Ability to save! Song library tab! This is all in the latest Windows and Android app. You can still only update firmware through the desktop, so make sure you use that first.

Awesome!  thanks for the updated PC app and Firmware update!  I can now save.  The only issue is, where is it located, and in what format?  I understand that we can use a midi player.  I have one installed but haven't tried it yet.  I don't think the XML file can be imported to create music, but then again, I'm a novice at creating songs in midi.  

Is the save functionality meant to work only on computers?

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And it saves XML files in `~/Documents/Artiphon/Common/Songs`. Apart from “event data”, it’s human-readable. It might even be possible to change the “tuning” (scale/key). I’ll experiment with that when I get a moment.

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Yep. It does sound like it’s working.

Interesting. Anyone else try saving and have it work? Maybe I'll unpack it and try things, again...

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And it seems to be working

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They just dropped a new version of the app with Song Saving :)

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Seriously... I'm returning mine to get a refund today since it's been almost *2* months since they said it was going to be implemented 'in the coming month' and... Nothing.. ... And, unfortunately, from everything I have read about Artiphon, if it's not here yet? Chances are it will never be. I had bought the 2, the silicone sleeve, ane the case hoping it would be a good little instrument. 180 bucks worth of Nope... Just an expensive, semifunctional toy. Time to get that money back....

Excellent point, @Paulo!

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