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The inability to save my songs on my Orba 2 is a deal breaker fo me.

 This is functionality that should have been an 'out of the box' feature, not a "We'll add it in the coming month.." which is the reply I got from support.

To be honest, If I don't get a response soon about WHEN this ESSENTIAL USABILITY FEATURE will be available - at the moment it's barley above a glorified toy and NOT worth the money or my wait time - I will want my money back...soon...

Why would I want to compose / write / take the time on this if I can't save it?

EXCEEDINGLY disappointed....

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So I can safe too, but it seems I can only safe one song. When I try to safe another song, it overwrites this one song every time. Does anyone have this problem too?

To start a new song, go to the Songs tab and click/tap the + sign at the top.  This will give you a clean slate to begin working on a new song.  If you have an existing song open and then alter it, clicking/tapping save will be saving changes to the original song.

I like the idea of Save / Save As. I think people are used to this. I think pressing + at the beginning would be something many forget to do. Most people create a loop and think: "This sounds good, I should save it!".. but then they click Save and save over some other sweet loop from before.

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Testing the new save song feature now. Thank youall - team Orba. jj

So I have one last question. It seems the saving is synchronized on the app among different devices, so if I save on my phone, the save file would also be there on the app on my computer. Though, does this also synchronize when say I bought another phone or computer? If so, it would be assumable that the save file is saved within your Orba 2.

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