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Known Issues for Orba 2

Hello All. We've created this topic to share some of the known issues that we are currently working on. While not every bug is a quick fix, we do want to be intentional in keeping everyone updated on what's going on behind the scenes with Orba 2.


  • When connecting via USB, the app may freeze if USB charging is on
  • Some Android devices are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • UI adjustments are needed for some Android phones
  • Cannot import audio files to create user presets

All Platforms

  • The selected key in the app may not be accurate
  • Scrolling presets on mobile devices can accidentally open a preset

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Thanks for keeping us updated.

There is a UI refresh problem for MacOS. If I minimize the Orba2 App and then maximize it, it just appears as a black rectangle until I grab the window and move it forcing it to repaint.

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