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Known Issues for Orba 2

Hello All. We've created this topic to share some of the known issues that we are currently working on. While not every bug is a quick fix, we do want to be intentional in keeping everyone updated on what's going on behind the scenes with Orba 2.


  • When connecting via USB, the app may freeze if USB charging is on
  • Some Android devices are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • UI adjustments are needed for some Android phones
  • Cannot import audio files to create user presets

All Platforms

  • The selected key in the app may not be accurate
  • Scrolling presets on mobile devices can accidentally open a preset

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@Steve Broderson

I had the same problem.

If you have an older Obra 2 that has been sitting (Firmware 1.0.8 or similar), don't use the Type-C to USB2 cable that it came with, find a Type-C to Type-C cable, and a Windows that has a Type-C port, and then it should recognize it. 

If it's still not recognizing, got to Control Panel > Hardware And Sound > Device and Printers > Add a Device (it should appear as Unkown). Add it, and then again try the cable.

If that doesn't work, try downloading the App, connecting via Bluetooth, find it and connect.  And then again try the cable.

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