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Known Issues for Orba 2

Hello All. We've created this topic to share some of the known issues that we are currently working on. While not every bug is a quick fix, we do want to be intentional in keeping everyone updated on what's going on behind the scenes with Orba 2.


  • When connecting via USB, the app may freeze if USB charging is on
  • Some Android devices are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • UI adjustments are needed for some Android phones
  • Cannot import audio files to create user presets

All Platforms

  • The selected key in the app may not be accurate
  • Scrolling presets on mobile devices can accidentally open a preset

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Trying to update my firmware via the latest version of Orba 2 app for MacOS. I can connect fine via Bluetooth, but the USB connection is broken, and apparently that's what I need to update the firmware. The device is plugged directly into the Mac (not a hub) with USB-C. In the app, most of the settings are grayed out (see attached) and "No Device Connected" 


Welcome to the clubLOL.. I still have not received Any help with my A2 issues 

Looks like new firmware and client app is out.

As far as I can see, the following stuff had been  fixed in Android app:

* volume/reverb/delay controls for instruments seems to be sane now. Was erratic.

* Swiping presets list with swipes does not cause preset to be loaded when you do not intent that. (thanks god, that was really annoying)

*  Problem when UI was unresponsive until you switch to task manager and back - is gone.

* Creating a new song no more creates indescribable  visual bugs.

That's really good.

You have to update and fix the Orba 2 app. The Android Bluetooth connection issue has gone on too long. Don't abandon us Orba 2 owners for your new Chord owners... get one product working before launching the next!

OMG !!! for real !! Thank you Jack I was screaming the same thing, they did it with Orba 1 and now with Orba 2 . Come on Artiphon stop selling 1/2 working goods !!!!. 
 That said I do love playing with my Orba 2 ... what works on it anyway LOL..  :(

Seems there are a lot of problems with the orba2. I just got mine yesterday and I'm playing around with it now. I recorded a loop which I saved with the app. I can play back the loop on the orba2, And I can pause it by pressing a +5. However I cannot seem to stop the recording. After I pause it and I want to start recording a new song or loop I press A + 6 to start recording and it just starts playing the loop again. I cannot figure out how to turn the loop off so that I can start recording a new loop...

I really fascinate by reading your threads they are just amazing to read 

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