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Known Issues for Orba 2

Hello All. We've created this topic to share some of the known issues that we are currently working on. While not every bug is a quick fix, we do want to be intentional in keeping everyone updated on what's going on behind the scenes with Orba 2.


  • When connecting via USB, the app may freeze if USB charging is on
  • Some Android devices are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • UI adjustments are needed for some Android phones
  • Cannot import audio files to create user presets

All Platforms

  • The selected key in the app may not be accurate
  • Scrolling presets on mobile devices can accidentally open a preset

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Trying to update my firmware via the latest version of Orba 2 app for MacOS. I can connect fine via Bluetooth, but the USB connection is broken, and apparently that's what I need to update the firmware. The device is plugged directly into the Mac (not a hub) with USB-C. In the app, most of the settings are grayed out (see attached) and "No Device Connected" 


Welcome to the clubLOL.. I still have not received Any help with my A2 issues 

Looks like new firmware and client app is out.

As far as I can see, the following stuff had been  fixed in Android app:

* volume/reverb/delay controls for instruments seems to be sane now. Was erratic.

* Swiping presets list with swipes does not cause preset to be loaded when you do not intent that. (thanks god, that was really annoying)

*  Problem when UI was unresponsive until you switch to task manager and back - is gone.

* Creating a new song no more creates indescribable  visual bugs.

That's really good.

You have to update and fix the Orba 2 app. The Android Bluetooth connection issue has gone on too long. Don't abandon us Orba 2 owners for your new Chord owners... get one product working before launching the next!

OMG !!! for real !! Thank you Jack I was screaming the same thing, they did it with Orba 1 and now with Orba 2 . Come on Artiphon stop selling 1/2 working goods !!!!. 
 That said I do love playing with my Orba 2 ... what works on it anyway LOL..  :(

Seems there are a lot of problems with the orba2. I just got mine yesterday and I'm playing around with it now. I recorded a loop which I saved with the app. I can play back the loop on the orba2, And I can pause it by pressing a +5. However I cannot seem to stop the recording. After I pause it and I want to start recording a new song or loop I press A + 6 to start recording and it just starts playing the loop again. I cannot figure out how to turn the loop off so that I can start recording a new loop...

I really fascinate by reading your threads they are just amazing to read 

Hi, I just want to add my request for an update on the Android Bluetooth issue. Can you say what other MIDI related apps are having problems with Google? What have they done to mitigate their problems? Does Google have a schedule to address it seemingly common issue?

just got my orba2. updated firmware. SUPER disappointed to see that Bluetooth does not work with Android 13, especially as this thread is over a year old. This is a bad enough issue to abandon the product, please fix, without bluetooth it basically means tethering with USB which makes it useless for anything but sitting at your computer

So So disappointed with my Orba 2. What a crap company, they keep putting out new stuff but wont fix there old problems, they should recall the orba2, fix them and reissue new ones  to the loyal customers who TRUSTED them. Can't say enough bad stuff about ARTIPHON :(
 Never buying or recommending them to anyone, EVER !!!!

My Orna 2 has not been able to connect to any PC or application. It is unusable and brand new. I submitted a few tickets and nobody is answering. I have been robbed!

I CANT UPLOAD SAMPLES TO MY ORBA 2  via usb c on Windows and Android, I cannot upload any samples and my mic is not cutting it for quality. it crashes the app on windows and it doesn't let me click on any of my files in the app.

Hey Alex welcome to the club lol, just dose not work well and they don't cair to fix it lol. :(

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