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Will Orba firmware and app ever get a 1.0 release?

The Orba firmware and app haven't seen an update in over a year. In that time, "Orbacam" was introduced and upgraded to 2.0 and Orba 2 has been released and gotten firmware and app releases past 1.0. We were told that Orba has not yet been abandoned, but I have not seen any evidence of this.

Either way, please do not respond with "we can't say anything because we don't want to make promises we can't keep." That's effectively making a promise that there is something coming and all signs point to that promise not being kept.

If the answer is no, please just say no. It would be disappointing, but honest and disappointing is better than misleading and disappointing. If the answer is yes, great! I think users would greatly appreciate the update.

I think the same. 

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I just have the impression that Orba 1 is an abandoned project at this point.

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Hello all!  Orba 1 is definitely not abandoned and we're working on a new batch of presets.  Are there any sounds and/or features you'd like to see?

Quantization officially supported. I have it running through some hacks, so it's possible.

Until now the windows app still does not work for me ,because of open gl issues. The android app needs the update function and the option to import presets.
I agree,Orba was abandoned from the beginning.I think they realised very early, that the hardware will never be able to deliver the promises they made. So they abandoned it and moved on to develop Orba 2. But never stopped promising big things to the Orba community.

Quantization is if course one of the biggest requests, and having tested a version with quantization, I know it should be possible.

The ability to export audio via Bluetooth or even usb is an even bigger deal for me. But even just some sound packs and regular updates would assure us that Orba is not abandoned. I have to say that Artiphon has lost quite a bit of trust through its handling of Orba in the last year or so, but that can be regained if the company listens and addresses users’ concerns.

any updates from Artiphon?

We are doing some final testing on the Orba 1 app update.  However, we aren't able to fulfill all the requests here.  As more people came to know Orba 1, there was a growing list of feature requests that just couldn't be implemented due to Orba 1's limitations, thus we began building Orba 2.  Thanks for expressing your concerns.  We do take them to heart.

@Britt, To be more precise here, Artiphon wasn't able to fulfill any request with the new update. There are tons of requests not related to simply add 3 samples.

Last update didn't even update the Orba firmware, which still have bugs.

Just to mention one,  it's very common to have the device completely lost and we can't simple delete a record.

just take a look here:

I'm facing the same issue to delete recordings.

Sometimes works, sometimes not and I have to reboot the unit.

Hey Guipel, open up a support ticket and we'll see if some troubleshooting helps resolve the issue.

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