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Tabla drum kit or djembe

Hi it would be great if a tabla kit or djembe kit could be added as a drum kit please?

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I'm looking into making one! There are so many Tabla sounds out there that I'm not sure which ones to use.

Ok sure -I use an app called drum jam -on iPhone I would be happy to record 8 samples but wouldn’t be able to organise them into a “kit” as don’t have those skills What do you think? Thanks Chris

I found some samples! I'm pretty happy with what I have so far:

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Cool -is there any way I can get that preset?

I'll post it this weekend. I'm not convinced the velocity thresholds are functioning properly as a Drum Preset. I'm going to re-create it as a Lead to see if it works better.

In PocketMIDI  app you can set velocity manually when sending them by USB to the Orba2 from the virtual keyboard. 

Used that for testing velocity thresholds, as it is much more reproduceable than trying to beat out the specific velocity by hand. PocketMIDI exists for Mac as well.

Also in your case you also could write a python script for that to run automated testing :)

P.S. Btw, seems to me that  Orba2 gives much higher velocity response when being  held in hands, than when it stands on the table. Probably that's due to velocity being calculated from accelerometer.

Here are the Tabla presets (one Drum and one Lead). They both use the same SamplePool and are bundled together. I made 8 levels of velocity for 5 Tabla sounds and repeated some of the sounds for easier playability. I still don't know why the Lead is quieter. I'm also not convinced its possible with the Orba to get a wide range of velocities (like a MIDI keyboard). I think the Bezier Curves have something to do with the range of velocity inputs it can interpret. I started looking into this with Orba1 and quit but might look into it again... 

(1.64 MB)

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Thanks for the work on this -really silly question but how do I get it into the orba2? I’m no coder or anything Thanks

Steps to Install:

  1. Unzip and drag the ‘Common’ folder into /Users/<username>/Documents/Artiphon and it will ask to merge the contents (Hold <Option> on Mac while doing this and it should give the option to Merge). You would do this with no Orba attached and the app closed.
  2. Start the app and let it scan (or force a scan from the Settings). Verify that the entries were correctly logged in the file.
  3. Restart the Orba 2 app and turn Orba off/on for good measure.
  4. Select the Tabla Lead Preset or Drum Preset and hopefully it allows ’Send to Orba’. Press it and allow 4-5 minutes.
  5. Check the Preset location icons and hopefully it shows available in App and Orba..
  6. Restart everything, Hopefully it now allows ‘Play’

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Hi don’t worry I have works it out thanks Chris

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Yep -is works -a massive thanks to you and I managed to get your hand pan to work too The hang pan/drum is totally amazing-I’ve always wanted a pan and now I guess I finally got one

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@Ignis32 I just tried PocketMIDI!!! Wow what a great tool to have for debugging! Thank-you!

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For anyone that has tried Tabla Drum Preset, do you find it is crashing the Orba too often? I found this was happening with the PanDrum too when I was developing it. I found that the template I was using contained:

  <ModifierChain chainIndex="0">
    <Compatibility majorVersion="1" minorVersion="0"/>

Even though the ModifierChain was not used, somehow this must instantiate a modifier chain (which likely consumes memory and chained events). I removed this from PanDrum but forgot to for Tabla. I've made this change locally and it seems to perform much better.

It's still crashing a little. I'm going to convert all samples to 48Khz and change the pitches to -1 as using -1.08844 likely is causing a little more stress on the tiny little CPU.. I'll report back if it actually makes a difference.

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