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windows11 and Android13 Bluetooth not Working Is this a joke ?

As of today, I bought the device, but I am in a great disappointment. There is no bluetooth connection in orpa2 windows11 and android13. I wrote to the company officials, but I have not received a response yet. What I don't understand is, shouldn't the bluetooth be tried on these operating systems in the R&D of this device? When selling the product, shouldn't it be stated that windows and android support are wired? this is really amateurish work i will really return the product if bluetooth won't work on windows and android.

It feels like they are using a home made Bluetooth driver vs a commercial solution? If you are going to advertise this as having Android support with Bluetooth then it has to work. Also, for windows app, why the limitations? I can't manage presets on the device (ie. delete) or change key. 

The device has great potential if you can just make it work as it should :) 

I can appreciate the frustration about changing key and agree - you can create "empty songs" ie: create a song with just the selection of voices you want and pick the key (and scale) for the song. It's far from ideal, I know, but it works. (There is a logic to this that fits with Artiphon's vision of what the Orba should be. It just doesn't suit some of us so well.)

The Android/bluetooth issue was answered by Artiphon here previously. As I recall the issue was changes to bluetooth in Android 13 which has caused problems for many companies products - not just Artiphon.

Factory presets can't be deleted - that's just how it is. Personally, I avoid loading the "artist" presets they push because I don't want their samples hogging storage space (and I'd never use them) -  but that's up to you. Presets that don't use samples take up very little space - but like others I would prefer to delete the ones I'd never want to use. 

Hi all, David is correct.  We are working with Google to resolve the Android Bluetooth issue, but it's taking way longer than we had hoped.  As for Bluetooth on Windows, Microsoft doesn't support MIDI over Bluetooth.  It was announced several years ago but never fully implemented.  Some people have found success using Bluetooth midi dongles with Windows.  You can find more on that here.

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