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Unresponsive Orba? Follow these steps

Follow this article for step-by-step instructions.

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This morning on once again going through the steps suggested for resurrection from DFU, my Orba came back to life, alas only for a minute of two before a blinking red light at pad 8 and then back to sleep (dead, no pulse). To be honest I think it only stirred to say goodbye. I suspect a faulty power cell tbh. Day 13 and multiple tickets = no response from Artiphon until late last night, when I was asked to update my ticket(s) to confirm that I still had an issue. It is a very pretty paperweight though.

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Thank you for your answer Tarrellshardha, that’s a shame, but I was starting to get that feeling. If it sounds too good to be true…

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Very sorry to hear that. Please contact Artiphon support: At the moment the response time is a bit longer than it should be.

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While hacking around with the Orba, I got it into a messed-up or unresponsive state a number of times, but I was always able to bring it back with a firmware reset.

The first thing is to note the instructions on making sure it's turned off, even if already seems to be off...

2) Completely shut down your Orba by holding the Volume Down (-) button while you hold the Power button for 15 seconds.

...and the info on how to turn it on in "DFU mode" AKA "update mode".

3) Hold the Volume Up (+) button while you press the Power button for 5 seconds. This forces Orba to enter update mode.

One thing I found while recovering the Orba on some occasions is that, if it's in DFU mode when you run the App, the App will offer to try and recover it, but it sometimes can't, and fails.

So I always used to make sure the Orba was off with (2), then navigate to this screen:

...before turning it on in DFU mode. You might then see the background change colour slightly (in Windows at least). Now drag the downloaded firmware .zip file into this window as per the instructions:

5) Drag the file onto the Firmware Update cloud icon in the settings panel of the Orba app.

That worked every time.































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Unresponsive App


ORBA looks that is charging:

The blue light on 1

The green light on 8

But can't interact with the app. 

Can't see the serial number, and the firmware version, but the App version it's  0.14.16

Any help will be appreciated.


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Dear ARTIPHON. They will run very fast. Days before return. Any feedback or signal from support? It's not the chipest device and it's really sad to get it as a dead souvenir. Thank you.

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Hi all,

My issue was a slightly different flavour in that I had already completed the firmware update a couple of days ago and had been using it no problem. Then last night after finishing making a song, I disconnect my Orba from my Windows 10 device and turned it off. It would then no longer power on - completely dead.

I don't know if there is an order in which you have to do this - i.e. close down the app before disconnecting, but the reason I didn't do that was because I'm not clear on how you save and retrieve songs you've created - that function of the app is currently not working very well at all. When I went to close the app I got the message to save or delete my current song. I didn't want to lose it so I just disconnected to Orba thinking nothing would happen. It was after this that it wouldn't turn back on again.

Anyway - whilst none of the suggestions on here worked initially, I noticed when I held the power button and the '+' button (for like, 5 seconds not 15), the Orba was then identified by my laptop. I then followed the manual, forced firmware update and this brought the Orba back to life - even though I'd already updated the firmware... I also think I had to keep hold of the power and shift buttons until the Orba lights came on as the first time I tried this I let go once it looked like the firmware update was doing something, but I then got a 'firmware update failed message'. I did again keeping hold of the power and shift buttons and eventually the Orba lit up and that's when I let go.

I'm not sure what the power button and '+' does officially, but it allowed my Windows device to recognise my Orba when the device was bricked. So if you're still struggling, try this first...?

@Artiphon - please fix your app so you can save and load songs properly. At the moment every song I make will be lost for all eternity. Cry. 



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I was able to get my unit “unstuck” by holding down both the power button AND the “-“ on the volume control. This appears to do a hard reset. I then let it fully recharge overnight. This morning I was able to get the firmware upgrade done and the unit is functioning properly. I can power it up and down and play it as designed. I will report back if it dies or locks up today.

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OK held down those two buttons for a minute.  No change.  Still a brick.  Letting it charge yet again.

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Update on mine. My Orba keeps 'bricking'. I can't work out what triggers it, but basically once I've laid down drums, bass, chords and lead and then turn it off, it won't turn on again and is completely dead. I then have to go through the process from my last comment - extremely annoying.

It looks like the device isn't keeping it's firmware or something. It's weird, I've tested turn it off and on when I've just looped drums and bass and it turns on. I've just added chords and lead and now it's dead again. I've even tried deleting and reinstalling the windows app - same thing happens.

I'll be raising a support case as it's an issue I can't resolve myself. By the looks of thinkgs that won't get answered any time soon.

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Thanks, Arne, I appreciate your response, but neither of these work.  The Orba had charged for over an hour yesterday while plugged into my usb-c port on a MacBook Pro 16".  The second I started to run the firmware update, the Orba app quit unexpectedly, and then all the lights went out on my Orba.  This has not changed despite several attempts at all the posted fixes. 

I'm attaching the full log from the the special file cloud-drop firmware recommended, this is the same, consistent result each and every time.  Does this provide you any insight?

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Just to be clear -- the shift-click method gives me pink dots and a "try again" message.  It does not work in my case.  

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this thing is nothing but a 100 dollar paper weight! got mine thursday. Let it recharge for 3 hours. it worked for about 1 hr. then it shut down and wont turn on is unresponsive. looking at the return policy I would say these guys released this thing to make money even if it fails. To have your returns honored you have to return it in the original box with all cables and paper work included. sorry but my significant other tossed that stuff a few hours after i set it up. does this i cant return it? Also the damn thing dosent even have a android app. the computer app was barley functional. I WANT A NEW FUNCTIONING UNIT OR MY MONEY BACK!

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Software appears to be flaky and, realistically, still under development. Think I’ll set. It aside for a while and try again in a few weeks time.

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been there don that! this thing is dead not out of power. it has been recharged. restarted. - volume and power held for ten seconds. it wont freaking start.  please replace the unit or return my money!

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