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Frozen Orba with lights on - workaround

Picked up my Orba after a few hours of successful use to find it in the state shown in the picture.

It was completely unresponsive - no audio or haptic feedback from it all.

Power button didn't work, even if held down.

I managed to get it to power down by pressing the power button and '-' volume button together for a few seconds.

After that it seems to be working as normal.


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Many thanks for this post. I was able to get my unit unstuck using this tip. I have not yet been able to communicate with my unit from either the iPad App, or the Mac desktop App. Firmware update just fails.

Crazy that the FAQ has not been updated to tell people about the power/- button reset.

The FAQ has now been updated on this issue.  Thanks for your feedback and help!

Britt | Support

Thank you, it worked!
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