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INSTRUMENT 1 firmware 1.1.28 is available

I1 FIRMWARE 1.1.28

We are pleased to announce a new firmware update for INSTRUMENT 1!New features include: 

The bridge is now pressure-sensitive in the Slide method. Pitch bend range will no longer reset after you turn off your instrument.

There are also several bug fixes, including:

“Smart Mute” now works in Fretless strum while in single-channel mode.When you release a strum, note-off messages will get sent in the order they were played, not low-to-high.

To get started, please download the latest version of the INSTRUMENT 1 app from the Apple App Store or You'll be able to install the firmware from there. There are several improvements in the app itself, including Dark Mode. :new_moon_with_face:

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when i got my I1 today and connected it, it updated to firmware 1.1.28 ? am i missing something here?

No, you discovered a typo :-)

(Second attempt at reporting this; not sure what happened to the first.) One issue I've found is that this firmware version no longer allows the I1 to connect via the Apple CCK (Lightning or 25-pin version) to devices below iOS 11; the bridge lights freeze in the middle of the row, which is a behaviour I don't remember seeing elsewhere. It's still fine with the Artiphon miniUSB-to-Lightning single cable, and with  CCK on iOS 13+ (I don't have anything on iOS 11–12 to test), but my I1 used to connect to everything back to my first-generation iPad on iOS 5.1.1 and now no longer does. It's probably not an issue for most users, but means for example that all 32-bit apps (including Alchemy for iOS!) are no longer playable with the I1.

Thanks, Nick! We will examine this.

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