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INSTRUMENT 1 firmware 1.1.28 is available

I1 FIRMWARE 1.1.28

We are pleased to announce a new firmware update for INSTRUMENT 1!New features include: 

The bridge is now pressure-sensitive in the Slide method. Pitch bend range will no longer reset after you turn off your instrument.

There are also several bug fixes, including:

“Smart Mute” now works in Fretless strum while in single-channel mode.When you release a strum, note-off messages will get sent in the order they were played, not low-to-high.

To get started, please download the latest version of the INSTRUMENT 1 app from the Apple App Store or You'll be able to install the firmware from there. There are several improvements in the app itself, including Dark Mode. :new_moon_with_face:

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when i got my I1 today and connected it, it updated to firmware 1.1.28 ? am i missing something here?

No, you discovered a typo :-)

(Second attempt at reporting this; not sure what happened to the first.) One issue I've found is that this firmware version no longer allows the I1 to connect via the Apple CCK (Lightning or 25-pin version) to devices below iOS 11; the bridge lights freeze in the middle of the row, which is a behaviour I don't remember seeing elsewhere. It's still fine with the Artiphon miniUSB-to-Lightning single cable, and with  CCK on iOS 13+ (I don't have anything on iOS 11–12 to test), but my I1 used to connect to everything back to my first-generation iPad on iOS 5.1.1 and now no longer does. It's probably not an issue for most users, but means for example that all 32-bit apps (including Alchemy for iOS!) are no longer playable with the I1.

Thanks, Nick! We will examine this.

Still cannot update my Instrument 1, and I opened a ticket which you guys closed.

Hey Michael, I just looked up your ticket, and I'm seeing that we're troubleshooting with you about this issue as we speak. If you see your ticket marked as "resolved," there's no need to worry, we're still here and will make sure we get your INSTRUMENT 1 up and running.

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