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Orba presets sharing point

This thread is intended to share custom-made presets.

Follow this other thread to see how the magic happens,

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And here are three (dirty) Presets for major chord arpeggios:

  • Major
  • Major dominant 7th
  • Major added 2nd

I'll take a look at minor arpeggios tomorrow. Remember: I'm not a coder :-)


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Thank you, Stuart. These are chords and the other are leads, am I correct?

Thanks GJ :-)

They are all Leads, at least that is how I am using them. The scales play as you hit the corresponding 1 to 8 keys on the Orba. The arpeggios work the same way.

I can also have a look at seeing if I can do Bass and Chords. Thanks for dropping that idea in my head!

Thank you for clearing that up, Stuart :-)

Here are some more Presets with arpeggios and scales. As always: I am not a coder :-)

These work only in one key, but you can transpose with your DAW. 

REALLY looking forward to a better coder being able to make different scales work 'properly' and in each key.

The presets:

Arpeggio - minor

Arpeggio - minor with dominant 7th

Arpeggio - minor with added 2nd

Bebop - does what it says on the tin

Iwato - used in some Japanese music

Oriental - a scale used in some Chine music

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Hi Stuart,

I tried some of your presets, after placing them in the "Lead" directory. They seem to confuse my Orba: they change the way the drum-preset sounds and as a lead-instrument the volume is very low.

But no permanent damage: loading an old song got my Orba back to where I started.

Maybe it is better with a DAW; I don't use one.

Kind regards,


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Thanks GJ,

That's interesting to hear, as I had noticed these changes. Thanks for checking. Appreciate it :-)

I am really just using them for creating melodies in Garageband, and then reverting to 'normal' ORBA use for the Drums, Chords, and Bass, either via an audio interface (so that the true Orba sound is recorded) or via USB (so that the Orba acts as a MIDI controller).

It's a steep leaning curve for this classical musician (flute, oboe, piano, dulcimer, etc) :-)

Here is Orba Arabia on SoundCloud 


That Orba Arabia sounds nice, Stuart.

I'm afraid there will be little progress in developing new presets. Artiphon throws a bit of meat into the arena every now and then in the form of a few new presets. But no clear description of the possibilities so that their customers can optimally explore the Orba themselves. It's a bit random fiddling this way.

That's too bad. Maybe I'm a bit naive, but then I think: small effort, big pleasure. When you design such a cool device, you must like it when people want to have fun with it ...


I just bought the Orba and it is an amazing instrument. However, I can't figure out how to load the custom presets on this page into the Orba app so I can load them into my Orba. What do I need to do?

Hi Tom,

1 Windows

Copy the preset in a folder in C:\Users\[[user]]\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba\Presets

After that the preset will show up in th windows app. You can choose the preset and save the song with that preset.

2 Android

Only possible when rooted.

When not rooted, the only workaround (I know of) is save/load a song with the preset  that you chose by another way (e.g. method 1)

3 IOS/Apple

Sorry. I don't know.

Kind regards, GJ

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And Andrea directed us to this thread in the opening of this thread ;-) 

I have tried and there is no"AppData" in this thread on my brand new HP windows computer. The thread stops after c:\Users\{{My User Name}}  I am fairly knowledgeable about Windows and this computer is running Windows 10. Is there anything else that I can try. I tried calling HP and they were less that helpful.

Maybe turn on viewing hidden files...

What is the official channel for new presets? How does Artiphon make new presets available? Only as updates to the apps? In other words are new official presets only made available when there is an update to the apps? And, if I take advantage of these community created presets by putting them in the appropriate directory on my PC are they automatically synchronized to my smart device, or do I have to put them in the correct directory there too?

@ Gabriel:

Yes, yes, no and yes.

We do indeed only get new presets from Artiphon via an update.

If you place a custom preset on one device, it will not automatically spread through your Orba to other devices. So that is a seperate DIY-operation and not always possible without tampering.

What you can do, as a simple  alternative, is save a song with a custom preset to another device. Then that preset remains stored in that song. That preset will not automatically appear in the list of presets on that other device. But you can reload and edit that song and save it under another name.

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