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Orba presets sharing point

This thread is intended to share custom-made presets.

Follow this other thread to see how the magic happens,

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Hello, I am completely ignorant when it comes to programming so I could be very very wrong about this, but is it as simple as editing this bit -

<TuningEntry key="" name="Major" intervals="P1, m2, M3, P4, m5, P6, m7, P8"

               midiOctave="2" transpositionType="RetainNotes" type="percussion"

               tuning="60, 61, 64, 65, 66, 69, 70, 72"/>


to change the scale for the lead.

And also how would I go about changing the notes for the chords?

Many thanks

A small adjustment to my drum mix preset. I changed shakerMode="0" to shakerMode="1". Now you don't have to push the 8 to hear the shaker when shaking your Orba. 

Thanks a lot GJ!

Hi Bernat,

I don't own a Mac, iPhone or iPad. Nevertheless: If you load the presets you desire in your Orba and create a song it should be possible to save that song (including the presets) on your Phone or iPad.  A bit of a workaround ...  Loading the song would include the presets it contains.

Kind regards,


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I have downloaded .orbapreset files and placed them in the library path on my computer and they appear in the Orba App on my mac, but I would like to be able to access this library from the iPhone or iPad App. Is this possible?


Thanks so much for all of your feedback. It's so cool to see this community you guys have created around making and sharing Orba presets. 

If it seems like we’ve been quiet here recently, it’s because we’ve been working behind the scenes on a couple of bigger things. One of these things is Orbasynth, our new gesture-mappable synth that allows for extensive customization of Orba sounds. You can check it out in this new thread

I just figured out where they are.

For others - When in the app the presets show in the preset tab for each instrument ie:  the Drum presets show when you click drum, the Lead presets show when you click lead.  Cool!

Hi All

Brand new to Orba.  Saved almost all of the .orbapreset files to mess with them.  Put them in  C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba\Presets\xxx where xxx are the various subfolders - Bass, chords, Drums and Lead.  Took my best guess if I was not sure whch they were.

Fired up the Orba Windows app and I do not seem to be able to find them. 

Would love it if someone would explain how to go about using them.


@ Gabriel:

Yes, yes, no and yes.

We do indeed only get new presets from Artiphon via an update.

If you place a custom preset on one device, it will not automatically spread through your Orba to other devices. So that is a seperate DIY-operation and not always possible without tampering.

What you can do, as a simple  alternative, is save a song with a custom preset to another device. Then that preset remains stored in that song. That preset will not automatically appear in the list of presets on that other device. But you can reload and edit that song and save it under another name.

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What is the official channel for new presets? How does Artiphon make new presets available? Only as updates to the apps? In other words are new official presets only made available when there is an update to the apps? And, if I take advantage of these community created presets by putting them in the appropriate directory on my PC are they automatically synchronized to my smart device, or do I have to put them in the correct directory there too?

Maybe turn on viewing hidden files...

I have tried and there is no"AppData" in this thread on my brand new HP windows computer. The thread stops after c:\Users\{{My User Name}}  I am fairly knowledgeable about Windows and this computer is running Windows 10. Is there anything else that I can try. I tried calling HP and they were less that helpful.

And Andrea directed us to this thread in the opening of this thread ;-) 

Hi Tom,

1 Windows

Copy the preset in a folder in C:\Users\[[user]]\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba\Presets

After that the preset will show up in th windows app. You can choose the preset and save the song with that preset.

2 Android

Only possible when rooted.

When not rooted, the only workaround (I know of) is save/load a song with the preset  that you chose by another way (e.g. method 1)

3 IOS/Apple

Sorry. I don't know.

Kind regards, GJ

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