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Orba, Android, bluetooth no response at all

Hello everyone, I really would like to know why is completely impossible to load new sounds in Orba via Orba app. The only thing i can do (and even that, really hard to get there) is changing the key. I managed to change the lead sound some days ago, but i considered just a miracle.. I understand Orba just saw the light and the work is still in progress, but someone already tried to ask what's wrong and, as far as I can see, there's no clear answer for it. Could you enlight me please? For sure I'm connecting Orba via its app.. Thanks! Franz.

i have the same problem using my xiaomi note 9 android phone... 
the hardware ist so great, but the crappy software brings everything down.
They should simply make an api and let the community develop software for it.
Lets see if orba will make the same mistakes as so may others.
They should rely on ther hardware and the reall great idea.
But all of them want to generate money with in app buys, they will kill their own products. 

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Same problem here!

Huawei Honor 8X -> Android 10

Bluetooth connection doesn't stay alive thus making it impossible to load instruments through. BT connections seems to drop while loading instruments to Orba.

These are great questions for sure. The Android version of the app is still in the beta stage and refining Bluetooth connectivity remains among our top priorities before elevating it to "primetime" status : ) Be on the lookout for upcoming updates that will improve stability all around.

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Yeah, really sorry in not specifying my device.. Huawei t3 10. Thanks everyone for the answer, we all will wait for new Orba's evolutions! Franz
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