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Orba press doesn't work in bluetooth

I make a patch Max8 to receive infos from Orba.

When I'm connected with USB all is working fine I receive all the sensors but when i'm connoted with BT the sensor press is not receive by my patch.

And the vibrato is just oscillating between value 63-64 no more !

And Max is not receiving pgm change 1-4 when i press button A to change mode

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yes, pitch bend does not work

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Hi I used your patch. Great Work! I noticed the same behavior as you described. Do you know if a trouble Ticket exist for this problem?

Kind regards Sergio

The channel pressure (press) problem when using Bluetooth has been fixed in Orba firmware 0.14.15.
Im using 1.14.30 and the Problem still exists

It’s a an update for Orba itself, not the app. To update the Orba firmware, connect to a Mac or Windows computer with a USB cable, go to settings, click on the symbol next to firmware update.

ah there is a new firmware update. many thanks didnt see it. it is working now. perfect many thanks

Thanks Arne 

just the vibrato is still oscillating between value 63-64

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