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Instrument 1 velocity range

I love my Instrument 1 but the velocity range is so narrow it’s kind of ridiculous. Especially when plucking the bridge. I can only get a range of 10-20 velocity values and not very reliably either. I’m guessing it’s a hardware limitation?

Hi Eric. Have you already tried adjusting the Method Sensitivity for your INSTRUMENT 1? You can find that under the Settings channel in the INSTRUMENT 1 app.

I did. It doesn’t change anything other than where the range value starts. At low it’s around 40-60 for example. The low E string at least gives me something to work with like 40-100 but the other ones are stuck within 40-53ish. Going into 60s and sometimes 70s when I hit them really hard. I mean everything else works really well but the whole point of having separate hands for holding notes and triggering them is to have more expressivity. Why not give it a full 127 range? If it’s not a hardware issue it needs to be fixed. If it is, i hope there will be a version 2.. I would pay much more for a more polished/enhanced version of I1.

Interesting. We're trying that on our end and getting a wider range, even on the low sensitivity setting, so it may be a problem with your INSTRUMENT 1. I just responded to your ticket with some more information regarding a potential warranty replacement 

Is it much wider than what I’m getting? And does setting it to higher method sensitivity actually give you wider range than lower options?

I have no problem hitting 127. Not able to hit below 40 may be a bit to restrictive, though.

Do you get the range of 40-127 reliably when plucking? I’m only able to get higher than 60-70 if I push it in and release it. (So not really plucking) maybe it’s just a defective unit..

Ah, I never thought about that. When I want to hit hard, I just naturally push it like a hammer ... 

You are right, plucking only register something up to 80s (at least that's the highest I could get without feeling unnatural). That said, I do feel that if I want to play a note higher than 80, a hammer like action that press and release the button is more natural to me. I am more a keyboard player, though.

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